Ten Books I'd Love to Read With My Book Club…If I Had A Book Club

27 January 2015

I am continually amazed at the topics proposed for the weekly meme that is Top 10 Tuesday, which is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I have to question how they keep coming up with new ideas, and whilst I know they often get recycled, a lot of them are new and interesting, and this one is definitely a different one for me.

I've never been part of a book club so I'm not really sure how book choices would go. I mean surely you can just read whatever? But, then I have seen before at the end of a book questions for book clubs so maybe you have to choose good books to discuss. I think if I ever joined a book club I would try and read adult books as I don't read as many in that category as I would like. If I was to ever join a book club I’d want one which would help encourage me to read outside my box  and I think having to read it to discuss with others might motivate me to read and finish the books. I also would want to read books I've not read in a while and new books to keep things interesting. I would try and introduce books I love to others whilst also trying to get them to introduce books to me to help expand my horizons. This means I will split my choices in two, those books I’ve read and would love to read again, and those I haven’t, for whatever reason, and would like others in the book club to help motivate me to read.

First the books I’ve read and would love any excuse to read again and force others to enjoy.

When I was first introduced to this book it was as a romance, and it is a romance, but it is so much more than just that. I’m hoping the series will be so much more as well. I would love to get others to fall into the blackhole that is this series with me, and because I picture myself being in a book club with women, so what better than a time-travelling romance to bring us together? Although, I have only just finished this books, and it is a very long series, so maybe wait a while before having it as a book club read.

I think I would encourage my book club to read anything by Neil Gaiman, but especially this books and Good Omens, they are both books I would like to read again, and I think they would be improved by being able to discuss them with others afterwards. I also think it could easily be followed with a reading of Anansi Boys, which I’ve not read yet, but my brother told me good things, so it would be a good excuse.

I’ve not exactly been quiet in my love for this book series, even though I’ve yet to read the third book, but I would love to force others to read it too. This may possibly be to motivate me to read the third book. I know it’s a romance, so I would probably need a book club filled with women to pull this one off, but still, it’s a great series, and vampires are so much cooler in this book, and there are witches and history. It’s like all the things I loved when I was younger in one awesome book series.
Because it is a book about people that like to read and can do cool and weird things with it. It’s like Inkheart for adults, but better. And because I can only vaguely remember what happens, so it would be nice to reread.

I read this book when I was at uni and I loved it. I love a good mystery crime thriller type book, I think this is motivated partly by my mothers reading choices. She loves them, and back at school I had a very limited reading budget, so if I had not been to the library it was her books I had to read. Thus I have a love of a good mystery. I would love to reread this book, and read the second one, which is unread on my shelf. My mom bought the second and sent it up to me in a care package at uni, I never get around to reading it. It’s probably been three years since I first got it, I would love to remedy that.

I think every book club ever has probably already read this book, but I should think that m book club should read it, mostly because I picture being a part of a book club with my best friend and I know she hasn’t read this book. I would abuse the power of choosing books for book club and force her to read it just so we can talk about it.

Now for the books I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t and would like my supposed book club to help force me to.

That best friend I mentioned earlier, she gave me a book to read about six months ago. SHe said it was a bit weird and not what she expected, but a really good read. SHe then gave it to me and told me to enjoy it. I have not looked at that book beyond moving from one of books to another when it was in the way. I am a terrible friend, but if i read this book as part of a book club there is every chance i would be motivated to read.

I saw this film when I was younger and adored it. I’ve always adored Sandra Bullock though. When I found out it was based on a book I knew I wanted to read it. My mom got me Ya-Ya’s in Bloom from the livarary when I was younger, and I devoured that, but I still have yet to read this one. I’ve read Little Alters Everywhere, as well, which is like a collection of short stories about the family, and I loved it, yet still this book sits unread on my shelf.

A friend of mine recommended this. She said that she simply could not put it down, the story drew her in. I’ve tried reading it once and could not say the same. I was reading it in pieces though. I would love to try reading it again and see if I experienced the sae struggle. I think it may be a book which you read with others to urge you on.

I have nothing but good things, and I think a light-hearted read like this would be needed with my book club. Also, I am really curious to read it but simply have not begun the book because I have not been in the mood to.

And those are the books I would love to read as a part of my fictional book club. I think they all would be suitably interesting enough to fuel discussion.
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