New Year Goals (Because I Don’t do Resolutions)

01 January 2015

So, it’s the new year and I am back from my little Christmas break and it is time to start thinking about my plans for the year. It is partly to do with getting myself organised, but it’s also about thinking about what I’m doing blogging wise. Also, it’s an excuse to use random gifs to demonstrate my point.

I know I’ve already posted about my reading challenges for the coming months, all two of them, and an organisation challenge, but I also want to talk to you about what I’m hoping to do myself. I want to make it clear these are not New Year’s Resolutions (because I do not make such things because I never stick to them) but instead are goals and aspirations for my blog. That sounds better and I feel there is less pressure for me.
run at speed with little accuracy
I want to get myself organised, so I have more of a plan of what I’m doing. Currently I just sort of dive head first into things hoping for the best, I write blog posts the night before posting and the idea of checking them for mistakes is laughable. I’m hoping to get ahead of myself again and schedule my posts in so I’m not rushing about like a headless chicken. If I can get organised through this organisation challenge I will be amazed.

I want to review more books. I have a discussion post coming up soon about how you choose what you post reviews on. I’m thinking it might be interesting to hear from you guys. It was motivated by the fact I was asked if I’d reviewed a book which I adored and turns out I didn’t, because I’m lazy.
going to sleep
I want to get some variety in my blog, I feel like I churn out TTT posts, the occasional review and rambling discussion posts, it gets a bit boring and repetitive so I’m sure you might feel the same. I’ve got a few ideas on things to post, I’m thinking about doing features on some of my favourite authors every so often. There are certain authors I absolutely adore and will gush about but I haven’t reviewed their books or mentioned them outside of a TTT. I reckon it will be a great way for you guys to get acquainted with what I liked to read. I mean, it will already be obvious, but it makes me feel like I’m giving writers the appropriate amount of love.
I also want more variety in what I read, Kaja at Of Dragons and Hearts said it best when she said she wanted to read less fluff and that she knew reading romance guaranteed an easy read but it was like eating too much chocolate, it never ends well. I have less of an excuse, though, I just don’t want to read anything strenuous after being at work so it’s nice to have a quick easy read that requires little brain power from myself and gives me a fun read. I know it always ends badly as I get fed up of romance and it’s predictability and end up DNF-ing a bunch of decent romance reads and then I get stuck in a rut as I can’t find anything to read. This next year I want to read more variety. I’ve read a few biographies this past year, a very small few, and I would like to read more of these. I would like to read different things because it’s refreshing to read something different from time to time.

Those are my goals for the coming year currently. If I can make it to the 12 month mark in March I will be ecstatic, but we shall see. I know everyone else posted about their goals in TTT, but do you tend to make goals for yourself at the beginning of each year ad do you ever manage to stick to them?

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