Author Addiction: Laini Taylor

03 May 2015

It’s the first Monday of the month, again, and so it is time for Author Addiction, a feature created by me and Kaja. This month we are talking about our love for Laini Taylor, author of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, one of my favourite books series ever!

Laini Taylor was a surprise author for me. I found Daughter of Smoke and Bone on Amazon purely by accident, it was in the ‘customers who bought this also bought’ section. I read the blurb for the book and debated whether or not for while. I think it took about six months for me to actually commit to buying it. A hardback copy was going cheap on Amazon and I decided to treat myself, the book arrived and it ended up being a signed copy, which was rather exciting for me. Even after it arrived in the post, it took a couple of days for me to actually sit and read this, but once I began reading I could not put this book down. My delay in buying DoSaB  meant that it was really close to the release of the second book anyway, so I pre-ordered that and devoured the book as soon as it arrived in the post. I was then in for the long wait for the final book in the trilogy. I pre-ordered it with Waterstones and I got that fancy signed copy that had the pretty picture in the front. It is one of the few book series where I own all the books in hardback, and as a hardcopy. I am a dedicated kindle reader, so when I buy physical copies of books it’s either because I adore an author or because it’s a book series I absolutely have to own.

I did think that it may have possibly been a fluke on Taylor’s part, though, with the DoSaB series, some authors pull it off amazingly with one book series and completely fail with other books they write. I wasn't fully convinced she wasn’t going to be one of those authors for me. Then I read her short story in My True Love Gave To Me and I read her short story collection and I fell in love. She writes fantasy, but it is like no fantasy I have read before. She really delves into the far reaches of mythology and pulls out the strangest of things, thoughts and ideas which most would never even look twice at she creates a unique and interesting story around it. I love that about her, and her writing is just so good that it’s enjoyable to read.

Laini Taylor solidified her spot in my favourite authors list when I read DoSaB, but it took me a while to realise that. It wasn’t until I did an epic series reread following the release of the final book in the trilogy that I properly realised it. Her writing was just so beautiful, and when reading the first two books I was just as hooked with the story as the first time I read, even when I already knew what was going to happen.

She is not an author who has written loads, although she does have another book series which I haven’t read, but that which she has written is written well. If you haven’t already, you should give Laini Taylor a chance, pick up DoSaB and you will not regret it, I promise. The story itself is pretty unique, and the characters are fantastic. It is a world which you cannot help but fall in love with.

That is all from me on Laini Taylor, don’t forget to go visit Kaja over at Of Dragons and Hearts to read what she has to say on the matter, and as always let me know your thoughts. Next month we’ll be writing about Sarah MacLean, a new author on my favourites list, so please come back and visit then.
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