I'm a Bad Commenter

15 May 2015

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I want to talk about something which has been bugging me for a while. I am a terrible commenter. I am both terrible at commenting on other people’s posts and blogs, but I am also terrible at responding to comments on my own blog as well. Is that terrible of me?
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I don’t mean to ignore people, I love every comment I get, but I don’t spend all that much time sat at my computer. I see the emails coming in on my phone, but I prefer to respond when sat at my laptop, so I tend to wait until I’m sat there to reply to comments in batches. I seem treat them like I do facebook messages, I know I want to respond quickly, because I hate waiting around for replies, but as soon as I see there is more than a sentence for me to read I immediately think ‘ugh…effort’ and start to find other things to do. And I hate it, because it means when I finally get around to responding I have way more comments to respond to. It’s a stupid thing of procrastinating, and I often worry that makes me seem rude and standoffish.

It’s the same with commenting on other people’s posts. I will see a post I like and instantly read and think ‘I have things I feel the need to share’, but then I don’t actually write a comment. I leave the post open in a tab and think ‘I’ll comment on that later when I’ve got more time’ or I’ll bookmark a post on my phone to comment on when I’m sat at a computer. It then takes me a week to actually write my comment, or I’ll forget what I wanted to say and the comment never gets written, and a prime opportunity to comment and share my love is lost.

It took me a really long time to be brave enough to even comment on other people’s posts. I’ve never been big into the social side of the internet. It’s not that I don’t like the people on here, I love reading people’s blogs and things, but sometimes blogs have appeared a bit inclusive from a non-blogger perspective. I didn’t think anyone would care what I had to say. I really got into the habit of reading and not sharing, so when I started my blog that kind of mentality has carried over with me. I now only comment when I really have something to say, and often my comments can get a bit lengthy, because I am a believer that you only comment if you have something to contribute. Anyway, my reclusive shy ways are hard to break, I know I have things to say, but even now I know how welcoming people are, I’m still sometimes hesitant to comment. There is not logic behind it, but who needs logic when you have irrational doubts about things?

I guess, I want to be a better commenter. I know the joy you get from a comment, regardless have how big or small it is, as long as it shows someone has read and enjoyed a post it is appreciated. They don’t even have to have enjoyed it, as long as the comment they leave is constructive then I’m happy. I know these things, yet I still have a hard time remembering to comment on other peoples blogs.

Too often I’ll read a post from a blogger I love and leave without saying a word. I want to stop that. I want to show my appreciation and comment more. I don’t want to leave comments for commentings sake, but I do want to comment more. I suppose this is me saying I will make a concentrated effort to do better. I will also try and respond to comments on my own blog more frequently. I won’t reply instantly, it may not even be within a 24 hour period, but I will stop saving comments for over a week and then spending an hour responding to them. I will keep responding to them, though. I love blogs where the effort is made to respond back, even if it’s just a simple thank you.

Do you have your own opinion on commenting, if so please tell me about it? Do you respond to all the comments you receive, and are you one of those people that makes the effort to comment on a commenters blog? What is your approach to commenting on other people’s post? Please enlighten me on all things commenting related.
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