The Apps That Help Keep Me On Top Of My Blog

29 May 2015

I am not the most organised person, and I am so often away from my computer that I need apps in my phone and tablet to help keep me vaguely organised when I’m on the go. I thought it might be beneficial to let you know what they are. I am not a blog guru, I don’t really know what I’m talking about ever, but I muddle through and I’ve made it a year, so I like to pretend I now have worldly blogging experience (I don’t, but fake it ‘til you make it, right?).

Inbox by Google

I first read about this app ages ago on a tech website (I love tech stuff, I may not understand half of it, but I like to be informed) and I knew I wanted it because you could remind yourself about stuff and really organise you’re inbox. It was like Google’s attempt at improving on Outlook, and since I only have Outlook at work I knew I needed it, but at the time of my reading about it it was invite only, and I did not have an invite. Then, a couple of weeks ago a little pop up appeared in one of my three mail accounts (yes, I have three email addresses, it does get confusing) saying that I should give inbox a try. I figured why not? Boy am I glad I did.

All 3 of my email addresses are now synced with inbox and I don’t know how I functioned before I had it. I can set reminders for myself about emails I need to deal with, perfect for keeping track of comments. I can snooze emails until later, great for when I’m on the go and can’t respond immediately to something in my inbox. And then, once I’ve dealt with an email you mark it as done and it disappears from your inbox (not deleted, but instead sitting in a done folder, perfect). It has completely cleared up my mess of an inbox and it helps me vaguely stay in top of comments, emails I have coming in and any also helps me manage any ARCs I’ve requested and such. It is such a nifty little and I can use it on my phone tablet and laptop.

Google Keep

I know there are hundreds of apps out there for lists and reminders, but I am committed to Google knowing everything about me ever since I’ve had an android phone so I started using Google Keep for my notes. I like to write lists of discussion posts I plan to write, quick thoughts about books and various other ideas in here. It’s great because it syncs with both my phone and tablet, but not only that I can use it on my laptop as well. This means I can write quick thoughts about books and then implement them t make a review. It is perfect for me because I am the worst about remembering things so you will often find me typing away on the bus with my thoughts and ideas in an to attempt to not lose them. This is in no way a groundbreaking app, but it is insanely useful. And, as you can tell from my picture, it means I can leave vaguely coherent notes to myself, even if I don’t follow through with some ideas.


I know, we all use goodreads, it’s one of those things we love to hate, but their website and app is so useful for keeping track of books it’s heard to not use it. I don’t always post reviews on goodreads, because I am the worst, but I always always use it to keep track of books. It’s perfect on the go to mark a new read and show I've finished another one. I don’t often add comments on there, but I always mark books as finished and convenient for keeping on top of my yearly books challenge. It also is good because it has that nifty barcode scanner for adding my new books to shelves when they arrive in the post.


I use blogspot as my blogging platform, and often I am terrible at remembering to schedule posts. This means that I more often than not need to manually publish them because I forgot I planned to post something on a specific day. Having this little app on my phone and tablet is perfect because when I’m on the way to work and suddenly think  ‘shit, I forgot to publish that post’ I can quickly an easily remedy the issue. It is not pretty, and it is awful to editing anything on a phone, but it is insanely useful and easy enough to use when needs be, so I can’t complain.


This is the app that helps me keep track of the many, many blogs which I follow. I think it is the only reason I can keep on top of all the blog posts I want to read, that and having all the tabs open on my blog. This app is one of my most used on my phone simply because it is such a useful way to keep on top of all the blog posts I have to read. I know there are various ways you can track and follow all the blogs you want, but this is the one I know and use and the app is so user friendly, just like their website, that it would be impossible for me not to use this app.

I suppose this is not necessarily the most informative, or even necessarily all that useful, but I wanted to let you guys know a bit more about how I blog and I suppose help out anyone else who might be in need of a few apps to get them organised. Is my way of doing things the best? Probably not, but it’s what I know and I hope you find it vaguely interesting if nothing else.

What apps do you rely on to help you with blogging, or do you not use apps at all? I would love to hear from you guys on this, I’m always intrigued on people’s own little blogging methods no matter how big or small, so please fill me in on any apps I may find useful in my need to get organised whilst on the move.
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