Ten Books I Think Make Great Beach Reads

25 May 2015

Since I am not going on holiday this year, or at least I’ve not got plans to go on a beach holiday, I figured it would be best to instead suggest books to all of you. I don’t really do beach holidays, I’m extremely pale and no matter what factor sun cream I put on I still end up getting burnt with prolonged exposure to the sun. It makes going on beach holidays a bit more difficult. I’m the one smeared on factor 50 sun cream, wearing a T-shirt to cover my shoulders, and continually following the shade around wherever I go in attempt to fend off redness. As such, my beach holidays tend to involve me spending prolonged periods of time indoors and then being brave and going out only to end up resembling a tomato at the end of such an adventurous day. After Sun is my best friend. But enough about my pale English skin and onto the books.

I tend to choose summer reads as my beach reads. I want books set in summer that are fun and easy, and normally they end up being romance centric, but that is the kind of light read I tend to enjoy on holiday, but I know that is a personal preference. I have one friend that always returns from holiday having read some dark serious book that I would never want to take on holiday as it would end up depressing or frustrating me. So it’s hard for me to know what people will view as their beach read, I’m going to try and suggest light and fun reads you can pick up and put down with ease. I’m also aware that I don’t want to repeat myself too much, because this topic was done last year and it turns out a few of my picks were chosen then, I hate to be unoriginal.

The Books I’ve Read and Can Recommend:

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour
Road trip books are perfect fun beach reads, and Morgan Matson’s is a stand out road trip book. It has some drama, romance and genuine emotion. And her road trip playlists featured throughout the book are perfect. You’ll be intrigued by the story, but you’ll easily be able to dip in and out.
In Honor
This when is a bit of a heavy road trip book, it also features loss, but it was still such a good read. You’ll be drawn in by the ridiculous idea Honor has about road tripping in her brothers memory and you’ll want to keep reading in hopes of her succeeding. A great fun book which probably make you wish you were road tripping rather than chilling on the beach, but still an excellent choice.
PS I Still Love You
Okay, I’m not completely finished with this book, but I’ve started it and can tell it would be a great beach read. It is a great fun light book with a suitable amount of teen drama to entertain you whilst you’re away.
The Longest Holiday
An impulse buy on my kindle a while ago, but it was such a great read. Anyone who has been on holiday and not wanted to go back home will appreciate it, as will anyone who has ever has a holiday romance they’ve wanted to carry on for that bit longer. It does get a bit dramatic towards the end, but still a great beach read.

Getting Over Mr Right
If you’re like me and love a ridiculous chick lit read when you’re away then this is the book for you. It is funny, and farfetched and so typical of the book you pick up at the airport because you forgot to bring a book with you. I loved it, it is a perfect light read you are guaranteed to enjoy.

And What I Would Take If I Were Going Away

Twnety Boy Summer
This looks like a fun read, I’ve only read a couple of Ockler’s books but I really enjoyed them so this one should be good. It’s set in summer, so already meets one of my criteria, and it just looks like it will be interesting but not too light and not too serious either.
Past Perfect
It’s set during summer and it looks like it would be fun. This has all the makings of a perfect beach read for me, also there is an historical re-enactment village, how cool is that? It appeals to me on all levels
Some Kind of Normal
This is a book I’ve been eying up for a few weeks, and these are often the books I impulse buy before I go away, as such it would more than likely end up being one of my beach reads if I were going away.
The Start of Me and You
I loved Emery Lord’s book Open Road Summer and it was featured on last years beach reads list, so I think I would probably end up picking this up this summer. This does sound like a bit more of a serious book, but I could easily spend a few hours reading this in the shade, preferably near a bar providing drinks with cocktail umbrellas in.
Always the Bridesmaid
And what better way than to end off with a chick lit read. I love Lindsey Kelk, she writes great romance reads that I always enjoy so I would most definitely pick this up for my hols for a fun cheeky read next to the pool (or the beach).

Do my choices meet your discerning tastes? Let me know your thoughts, and if you’ve read any of the books I would like to pick up please let me know if they’re good because I may pick them up for my week long holiday at home. I’ve tried to pick a variety, but honestly YA and chick-lit are my go to easy reads which fit my mood for holidays.
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