Sunday Summary: 17.05.2015

17 May 2015

Sunday Summary

I’ve had a slower week this week. Work has been busy, I’ve been training a new starter and spent the entire time convinced I’ve forgotten to teach him something important. It’s a strange experience to train someone, especially when I’ve only been in the role going on 18 months. That sounds like a long time, but I still constantly feel like I don’t know what I’m talking about still, so I’m not too confident when it comes to imparting my knowledge to someone. It’s been strange for me, but it’s left me quite tired after work. Who knew watching someone else work could be so exhausting?


My tiredness levels have not been helped by the fact I’ve had a cold coming for the past week. I’ve hard sore throats and a cough developing on and off for days and it’s been awful not being properly ill, but still having all the crap that goes with the cold like being tired. But oh well, I still feel a bit rubbish but now I figure I just need to power through, maybe consume a lot of oranges.


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New To Me


I have a couple of books that I’m waiting to be delivered, and I am a firm believer that until it arrives on my doorstep I don’t own it yet. I know I shouldn’t be buying books, I have so many books currently unread on my book shelves, both real and digital, that buying more is just a stupid idea on my part, but for some reason I can’t help myself.


Well, that’s my week this week. Not to exciting, I know, but now it is time for me to read and to catch up on some TV before I hunker down on some blog writing. I hope you’ve had a good weekend, do you find yourself buying as many unnecessary books as I seem to? And I know, no book is unnecessary, but they are certainly not currently needed.

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