Monthly Wrap Up: June

30 June 2015

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I don’t know how June went so quickly. I feel like it only started last week and it’s already over! And that means we are now halfway through the year, I don’t know if I can deal with that. Although, I reached over 100 books read this month, so hopefully that is a sign the year is going well? I’m not sure. It’s a sign of something I suppose. I’m just reading while I’m enjoying it really. I don’t think my posting has been as good as in some other months, but I will try to do better with July. Honest.

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Megan @ Adrift on Vulcan: How Do You Balance All Your Obsessions?


That is my month, really. I would ramble on some more but today has been so unbearably warm, much like yesterday, and I am actually slightly put off from being too long on my computer simply for the heat the thing can generate over prolonged periods of time. I don’t handle the heat well so this mini heatwave in the UK is killing me. I’m off to eat lots of ice cream and add ice cubes to all my drinks now. I’ll speak to you again in a couple of days.
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