Top Ten Books I'd Love To See As Movies/TV Shows

02 June 2015

I did not realise that so many books that I’ve read had been made into films or TV series before I started this post. There are many more I would love to see on screen, be it big or small. There are also so many books which would never translate well out of their bookish form, which makes me sad, but at the same time I’ve seen adaptations go horribly wrong, so it also makes me glad they will stay as they are.

Now, I am going to say now that all of my graphics for this post are simply because I am continually downloading and buying new fonts when I really have no need to, so I’m finding a way to use them.

This is a book I read just this weekend, and it is a book my Matthew Reilly, so it was always clearly destined to make a great film. What I love about Reilly’s work is that it is always so fast paced and action-packed, every book he writes would translate so well into an action film, this is just one of many and a book which immediately sprang to mind when I saw this weeks theme.
I think this book series would make an amazing TV Show or film, simply because there is so much action in it that it would really suit being on TV. Sure, there are a lot of special effects and such that would have to be done, so it would be costly, but can’t you just imagine this on a screen? Don’t you just want to see who they would cast as Raffe?
I would mostly just really like to see the costume design and setting they’d do if they made this into a film. I have so many ideas in my head about what I would want it to look like that I almost feel I should take this book off of my list, but at the same time, if done right, this book would look stunning on screen.
I feel like this series of books would make an excellent TV show. Maybe one of those short ones rather than a Gossip Girl type one, simply because I feel like there aren’t enough good teen dramas on TV anymore. I grew up with One Tree Hill and The OC and you just don’t get shows as good as that on TV anymore, not that I see, and McGarry writes such good relatable teen characters that I think I would enjoy watching it on TV.
This would make such a good film or TV series. Zombies are totally cool at the moment, but it’s set in the 1800s so it would be even cooler. The costumes would be amazing, and the settings would be stunning. It would be interesting to watch simply for that if for no other reason.
I think this would make a great romance on the big screen, but more importantly it would be a total Step Up style film, but with circus type trapeze acts rather than dancing, so much cooler in my opinion. I would love to see the cool circus acts, and also it’s set in Vegas, how cool is that?

I don’t say this much, mostly because I stopped watching, but when it first came on TV I loved Downton Abbey, I mean who didn’t? I think The Montmaray Journals could be an awesome TV series very similar to Downton Abbey, but better because it includes a fictional island and a bunch of children growing up in an isolated place and then going to London and seeing the world. And it set during the war. I may have been a bit annoyed with the books at times, but it was such a wonderful and different series that I can just imagine it being as fantastic on TV.
I think this one could be a really kickass TV series, you know one of those TV series that takes a books and builds it into so much more? Sort of like what The 100 did from books to TV series. I’d want it to be about ten episodes a season and I think they could make it such a gripping show, one of those ones you have to keep watching. The alternating lives, and her time in the mental institution, all of it would be so interesting. Now I really want this TV show and I’m never going to get it.
I loved this book, I enjoyed it way more than I expected. It took me about a year to actually get around to reading it after getting as part of the Kindle Firsts thing, but once I read it it was love. I think it would make an amazing adaptation to the big or small screen because there is nowhere near enough Steampunk influenced films or TV shows out there in the world. I know this is probably partly due to the cost of designing and making half the things required to bring this to life, but I reckon if someone was willing to put the effort in this would look so cool. I would love to see how they would work out the intricate designs of things. It would just be amazing.
I would love to see how they would think to adapt this series. I can imagine it to be a really stunning world they would need to create, and it would be either amazing or terrible, but I’ve always kind of wanted to see this series as a film so I could see how my ideas from the book would compare to the real thing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts about how these books could be adapted and I would love to read your posts if for no other reason than to find a few new books to read.
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