Sunday Summary: 28.06.2015

28 June 2015

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I am actually writing this Friday because I have literally no time this week. I began the week dreading going back to work and functioning like a zombie whilst also trying to sort the house out for my parents return. After working all day spent the evening on Monday tidying the house after living like a slob. Tuesday there was all the excitement of my parents return and the drama of their suitcases getting left behind in Toronto (I can imagine nothing worse). It was a friends birthday Wednesday and I was hanging out with her on Thursday evening. Then Saturday I’ve got a conference to go to with work during the day and then I’m off out in the evening to properly celebrate my friends birthday. So, I’ve got a bit of a busy week this week. I’m amazed I’ve even managed to get any blog posts up.


I still need to catch up on the comments on my blog going back to last week! I’ve been attempting to keep on top of my blog feed as well. I came back from work today and had 70 posts to read, if it ever reaches 100 I might just cry. I have been failing at commenting, but next week I’ll be better, I promise. Unless something comes up in my day to day life, if so I apologise in advance.


My busyness also means I’ve had like no time to read. I have not finished a single book this week! That is unheard of. I don’t think it helps that I’m reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell on my kindle at work and it’s over 1000 pages long! If I’d known that I would have chosen to put off reading it a bit longer. I’ve gotten to the point of the second episode (I think). I’ve been watching the TV adaptation on BBC and I am loving it, if I am a bit frustrated as well by it.


What I’ve Been Reading


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Anyway, this is just a quick post. As you can see, I’ve bought far more than I’ve read… oops? I’ve got to attempt to get a bunch of blog posts written, now, so don’t mind me whilst I enter hermitdom.

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