Sunday Summary: 07.06.2015

07 June 2015

Sunday Summary
It’s Sunday and it could not have come soon enough. This week has felt so long! I think that was partly work being a bit annoying, public transport being rage inducing on my commute, my sleep schedule going out of the window and the fact it took me 4 days to finish a book I was reading. Combined together that helped make my week feel even longer, yet my weekend seems to have disappeared far too quickly.

It’s been a weekend of trying to figure out computer type things and wanting to avoid leaving the house. I don’t know when I became so antisocial. I do actually like people, some of the time anyway. I’ve been basically attempting to write up as many posts as possible for next week whilst also wanting to just curl up and read the entire time. I hate these terrible dilemmas I have in life.

What I’ve Been Reading:


New To Me (Since My Last Sunday Summary):

2015-06-06 22.06.56
The above are the books I swapped with the lovely Rachel at Confessions of a Book Geek because #booksfortradeuk is going to become a thing, okay. I’d have linked them all individually but there is a whole lot of Douglas Adams books here. Please ignore the terrible photo and poor state of my shelf, I’m running out of room!

It actually looks like I’ve been buying loads of books, which I suppose I kind of have. But This is two weeks worth of buying, just so you know. And most of these books were on offer, to be fair. So it’s not as bad as it looks. Don’t judge me!

I hope you’ve had a good weekend, I’m off to get ready for a family meal down the pub. It should be fun and interesting, also might be my last good meal I have for a while whilst my mom goes on holiday. How am I 24 and unable to feed myself? Why do they not offer cooking lessons at some point in life so you don’t end up living off of frozen meals and takeaways? Anyway tell me about your weekend, and which of my books should I check out first?
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