Struggling to Discuss Books You Love

23 June 2015

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As you noticed from the giant Bite Sized Books last week, I struggle at remembering to review books. I have notes littered in various places about what I thought of the books I’ve read but so few get turned into actual reviews. It’s not that I don’t want to review the books I read, but too often I find myself loving a book too much to properly do a book justice. Do you ever get that?


I find myself loving a book so much I’m not certain I will do it justice in a review. Some of these reviews do get turned into reviews because I form my words into reasonably coherent thoughts, but far more just get left in my drafts folder to eventually get deleted as they have been abandoned for over three months.


I worry in my reviews I’m not the most concise or coherent anyway, but when I love a book all I really want to do is fangirl and flail over it and I want people to fangirl and flail along with me. I don’t want to be critical and write intelligent comments about the book I’ve read, I only want to look at the good, which doesn’t make the best of reviews. I have never been good at looking objectively at the things I love, there are films I adore from childhood I still can’t bare to hear criticism of, even when I know there are plenty of things to be criticised.


I just find it hard to be critical of things I love, be it people, books, films or TV, that is a character flaw of mine. I recognise that these flaws exist, I simply do not want to acknowledge and voice them. I’d rather recognise and then promptly ignore. Is that just me?


Does anyone else do this? Do you just find yourself unable to properly look at a book without wanting to rave about it to everyone? I know we all have books we love and thrust upon everyone we meet because we want everyone to read and discuss it with you, but there are other books I don’t even want to discuss for fear of you rejecting my opinion. It’s stupid and childish, but I think it’s that part of me that is loving the book.

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