Sunday Summary: 21.06.2015

21 June 2015

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I had the week off of work this week, I should have been really productive, gone out, done stuff, written up lots of blog posts, caught up on my blog reading and comments. Did I manage to do any of these things? No. I have played The Sims for a couple of days solid, discovered the wonders of Quidco thanks to Rachel and have now made two orders where I will be getting money back. I’ve ordered books from The Works I’m not completely convinced I need, but when you get money back on them how could you say no?  I can’t wait for those to arrive in the post next week. I’ve also been shopping for birthday presents, I am terrible at birthday shopping because I too frequently find things I want, and that’s not how gift giving works.


The most important part of this week, though, is I have manage to survive alone without killing myself. In case you don’t know, I still live with my parents (moving out is expensive and I’ve been told renting is silly, save for your own place) and they have gone away for a couple of weeks. They are back next Tuesday, but it has been me and my brother fending for ourselves. We have succeeded most admirably, I think, we were pleased that we managed to cook fajitas last Sunday without giving ourselves food poisoning as the cooking of chicken was involved.


I’ve neglected my blog on my week off, but I’ve literally wanted this to be a week off. I wanted a rest (I didn’t get it, by the way, my dog is torturing me by waking me up to let him out and then he comes back in and sleeps for hours whilst I am then wide awake. Governments should employ this tactic for torturing folk) and to just be able to relax, which is probably why I’ve played The Sims quite so obsessively. I finished the TV show Sense8, it is amazing. Definitely a new favourite series. I’ve also been watching Alias after reading this post by Hannah at So Obsessed With which made it sound so awesome. I’ve gotten through the first season so far and I’m a few episodes in on season 2, but I can feel myself flagging so I’ve taken a break.


I’ve also not touched my Kindle all week, a major feat for me because I normally read most of my books on there. I’ve been attempting to read a few books I already have on my shelf that have accumulated very thick layers of dust on them, I’ve read three of them, although one was a new buy, but who cares? It was a success. I’m going to attempt to read one more today and then it’ll be back to Kindle reading because I don’t tend to take actual books out of the house to read, not beyond the garden anyway. I don’t know why, but that is a topic best saved for a discussion on another day.

What I’ve Been Reading



New To Me


And those are my books for the week. I’ve had one request approved on NetGalley for Never Always Sometimes and the rest are me spending money I shouldn’t. And next week I’ll have a few more books I shouldn’t have bought, but oh well. It makes me happy so I shan’t complain.


Hope you all have had a lovely weekend, hopefully with better weather than we’ve had here in the Midlands, turns out that it will always end up raining after you’ve had a few days of sun. Especially if you’re intending to do some laundry.

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