Sunday Summary: 14.06.2015

14 June 2015

Sunday Summary
So I have been a bit more absent on my blog this week. I’ve been getting posts written, but I’ve not had time to just sit and reply to comments until yesterday, I am so far behind on my blog reading as well. On any given day I have at least twenty unread blog posts and they just don’t seem to be going down! I’ve just been so busy, my parents went on holiday on Tuesday so I’ve been having to deal with all the stuff I normally don’t do because we’re share responsibilities. I have to do all my food shopping, the laundry, the washing up and cleaning, feed all the animals and it turns out it is way more work when you're doing it all yourself. I’ve been so tired because my dog is a pathetic baby when routine changes. He doesn’t like people leaving for long periods of time because he can’t settle until everyone is home, and he doesn’t like sleeping alone. He is a dog convinced he is a lap dog when he really is not one.

I’ve also now got a week off of work where I hope to relax, to be able to catch up on some of the chores I absolutely hate doing, and to get a few blog posts written. I don’t know if it is going to be a relaxing week off, or the most stressful. It depends how everything goes I suppose, but I do have a few new books lined up for my reading pleasure.
I have also been watching some Netflix and Korean dramas, I’ve started on the show Sense8. I’m only an episode in but I’m intrigued, that’s definitely going to be consuming a bit of my time this next week. I also watched Austin to Boston on Netflix, it’s a documentary following a few bands on their tour in America, I watched it because I love Ben Howard and Bear’s Den, both bands who feature in the show. It’s only a little over an hour long so that was a fun show to watch with lots of good music to enjoy. Finally, I’ve been distracted by Korean dramas, again. I didn’t know that they had made a Korean version of Nodame Cantabile, one of my favourite manga series because it is hilarious. The Korean version is called Tomorrow’s Cantabile and is just as funny, although I’ve been watching and attempting to do other things so I’ve missed some of the subtitles. Still loving it, though. Korean dramas are both cheesy and overly dramatic, at times, but also amazing.

What I’ve Been Reading


New To Me

A Million Miles Away (ARC from NetGalley), Easy (bought), Something Like Normal (bought), Confess (bought)

I am not much of a physical book buyer, I don’t like to spend money on them for the risk of reading and not liking them. When I get books I tend to want to keep them, so unless I’ve done a charity shop impulse buy, or a supermarket impulse buy, all the physical copies I own are for my favourite authors who I always buy, and those books I love and know I will be reading again. There are, of course, exceptions. There are books I’ve bought blond because they were cheap online, and their are books I’ve bought convinced I’d love them but turns out I just don’t. So the fact I’ve bought three books this week is quite impressive, two are books I plan to reread and Confess was bought for the simple reason that I have been waiting to buy a copy but the Kindle price is too high for my liking and it was actually cheaper to buy a physical copy, so why not, right?

How have your weeks been, do you have any advice for how on earth I can catch up on my blog reading?
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