My Blogging Problems // Why Am I So Forgetful?

28 October 2017

My Blogging Problems
Currently, I am failing epically at thinking of posts which aren’t reviews unless I’m writing discussions. This means I am writing my discussions based on the stuff which goes through my head at any one time (case in point, one of my drafts is actually about how I can’t seem to figure out how to start writing a blog post… then my blogging block passed). Despite my blogging block having passed (it’s like writer's block but for blog posts), I do still have a problem with getting posts live on my blog.

I am forgetting to schedule my posts!
If you are a regular visitor you may have noticed my blog posts are going up a bit sporadically of late. I like to have a routine to posting (either Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday and Thursday) and that just hasn’t been happening lately. I try and remember to schedule posts (otherwise I will never remember to get posts up) but I’m even forgetting to do the thing which I do to stop me forgetting to post. What is wrong with me?

You’d think that this wouldn’t be a major issue. The posts are all there and ready to go so I just log on and click publish. Problem solved! But I’m both too busy and too forgetful to do this. The only post I post manually is my Sunday post because that one I don’t tend to finish until the last minute. I may not have a schedule which goes beyond the end of each week but a basic schedule is what keeps my blog running at any kind of regular pace. I am up at 6am during the week and don’t get home until 6pm. I leave the house at 6:45 and my morning routine is planned by the minute so until I get to work I have no time for even thinking about my blog until I get to work and by then I am thinking about work. It’s normally not until I get home that I think and remember a post I did or didn’t schedule.
The thing is, I am a totally forgetful person. I think I’ve mentioned before I am a procrastinator so I get insanely excited to actually finish a post in my drafts. I think that’s half the reason I forget to schedule stuff. The other problem is I am easily distracted. I will finish and if something even slightly interrupts my train of thought all hope of scheduling is gone and it’ll take me a few days to even remember I forgot to do something.

Basically, I am forgetful and my forgetfulness is getting worse. I am trying to remind myself to schedule every time I finish a post but fingers crossed. If you notice a post going up at a weird time at least you know why.

My question is how does everyone remember to get their posts up? Anyone manually post them? Or do you immediately schedule as soon as your draft is ready? Or are you so excited to have a post finished you simply forget, like me?
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