My Thoughts // One Of My Book Buying Quirks… Am I Weird?

06 October 2017

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I’ve been doing some book buying lately (because I’ve got issues) and it got me thinking about one of my worst book buying habits I have and whether or not I’m back kind of logical or if I’m just throwing my money away for no good reason.
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In most circumstances I will try and get the cheapest version of a book possible, be that ebook, paperback, hardback, used book, whatever. I will always go cheap unless I am trying to match a collection. I spend a lot of books so I obviously need to try and save as much as I can. I mean, it may be a hobby but I don’t want to bankrupt myself just got my hands on some books, I’m ridiculous, not crazy. But I notice that when both the ebook and the physical copy or expensive (i.e. more than £4.99) then I will always buy the physical copy, even if the physical copy is more expensive. I think it’s partially because in my mind physical books cost a little more than a fiver, because that’s what they cost when I was a kid spending my pocket money.

For example, I am trying to buy all of Ilona Andrews books and the majority of them are around £4.99 (at least for the Kate Daniels and The Edge series) and whilst it would be more convenient having these books on my Kindle for reading I instead own physical copies of them because I would rather spend that £2.00 extra and have a physical copy I can hold and see, you know? I mean, I like knowing that I have that copy there should I ever want it. Sure, it means if I’m out and about I can’t just pull up a copy to read on my Kindle but I don’t mind that. I would just rather spend more, even if the ebook is slightly cheaper, because spending near enough £5.00 on an ebook somehow offends me. Basically, if an ebook is expensive I would rather be out of pocket and buy the book… unless the cover is truly cringey or the physical copy is way more expensive.
Am I alone in doing this? Does anyone else save the money and just pay more for an ebook? Am I being too extravagant or is it just smart wanting something to show for it if you’re going to buy a pricey ebook?
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