Sunday Summary // 08.10.2017

09 October 2017

Sunday Summary
I know this is a day late but I was in Bath for the weekend for a friend’s hen do and was far too exhausted to get it finished for Sunday. I hope you can forgive me, but I did pretty much faceplant my bed as soon as I walked in, I was exhausted.

First off, can we all just stop watching the news? Is that allowed? I feel like every time I turn on the TV the world is crumbling that bit more and Donald Trump is making another stupid comment and someone in the UK government has made another idiotic comment about Brexit which is completely illogical and I just feel like pulling my hair out. My thoughts are with everyone in Vegas and those affected by it. it was awful and it’s utterly insane and every time stuff like that happening the US I question why there aren’t more laws in place for gun control to try and help prevent stuff like this happening. I have also been left questioning what is wrong with people reading up on a crime which happened in my town where a homeless guy was taken in by a family. They helped and supported him for a year and he then turned around and attacked them. He has now been convicted but these things seriously make you question what is going wrong in the world.

So yeah, I want to stop watching the news, they say ignorance is bliss, right?

But outside of the news bringing me down real life has been surprisingly good. Work hasn’t been awful, we’ve had folks out sick, but I think because I know I’m off for a few days around the weekend I am just letting everything go and just getting my head down working. I have been productive and even though I am exhausted after working last Saturday (and after a hen do) I am happy with how everything has been going so far. We have a new starter while I’m off and I may not be looking forward to training (my manager is out a week after the newbie starts so guess who the trainer will be that week?) I am looking forward to having a full team. I am annoyed it’s another woman (we only have one male in the department, we need some eye candy people!) but she’s meant to be nice so fingers crossed guys. This one has to work out, right?

I went to Bath on Friday for the weekend and it was such a great weekend. I didn’t get to see anywhere near enough stuff in Bath (I didn’t even get to go in one bookshop) but I did love the city and hope to go back at some point. I visited the Roman Baths and I did a whole heap of walking seeing the Jane Austen centre and the Circus and the Royal Crescent and that was amazing. I would have loved to go in the Jane Austen centre but maybe another time.

One of the big things my friend wanted to do was have afternoon tea and I ate a Sally Lunn Bunn and they are amazing! If you’re going for afternoon tea and don’t want to spend a fortune I really recommend it, the place is very small inside but it’s over several floors and the staff there are so nice! The girl whose hen do it was got a complimentary glass of champagne when we got there and they were so good about trying to get us all on the same table considering there were 9 of us! And can I say Sally Lunn Bunn’s are delicious.

We went to a spa on the Sunday and I felt so relaxed afterwards! They didn’t do treatments (they did at prices that made me want to cry) but the pools and sauna’s, etc. were included. I felt so relaxed after being in there and it was really brilliant. I’ve never been in a spa so it’s convinced me I’d been willing to go to another and maybe get a treatment or two.

Basically, it was a great weekend in Bath, we experienced culture and plenty of good food. Some relaxation to work that off, and I also drank a few cocktails and boy do I love cocktails. It wasn’t your typical hen do with L plates and strippers and everything (although, does every country do that or is it just us in the UK?) but it was exactly what she wanted and she seemed to have a great time. I am now exhausted and I got no reading done all weekend!

What I’ve Been Reading

I mentioned last week I’d started rereading a favourite series from last year and here are the books so far. I’ve failed epically at reading practically any September or October ARCs but I am loving the Kate Daniels series. The last book is out next year so I kind of want to get all caught up. I did have strong historical romance urges whilst in Bath, though, so I may take a break from the series and read a bit of HR and maybe that will shift my new book slump.

New To Me

The Love ExperimentShining ThroughOn The EdgeDead Witch WalkingSaving Mr Perfect5JetRomeRiveted
It turns out when I’m in a slump I shop. Add in all the Kindle deals happening and there is no hope for me. I am excited for my books, but I’m always excited for my books. Fingers crossed I get to reading them all because there is a whole heap. I’m kind of trying to get all of Jay Crownover’s books and considering I’ve only ever read one book by her I’m not sure why but I’ve heard good things and I’m craving romance so it could work.
Seeing Red
I got a book in at the library I requested, though. This was a Nick inspired request so I hope I enjoy it. It will feed my craving for something different, at least.
Wilde in Love
And one single review copy in. I agreed to participate in a blog tour for Eloisa James’s newest book and I am totally excited to read something by her finally. I hope I love it!

How has everyone’s week been? Anyone want to join me in avoiding the news? And anyone else found themself rereading a favourite series when stuck on what to pick up next?
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