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20 October 2017

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I cannot settle on what to read. It’s an issue I come across all the time. I sit there staring at my bookshelf and can’t make a decision about what genre I fancy reading. Or if I do pick a genre I don’t know what books specifically I’m craving. I am hopping from book to book completely lost as to what I'm looking for. Each page is interesting but I'm left with the vague sense that something is missing. I just haven't found what I'm looking for. I got a lucky break with my last couple of reads and settled into some really good books but once more I am adrift unsure what to pick up next, so then I end up rereading old favourite (I <3 Lucy Parker). I know I want to read but I don't know what it is I want to pick up.

I am a mood reader. I might have mentioned that before. I don't know how people set themselves a monthly TBR because the constraint would kill me. Setting restrictions means I just want to break them. I am contrary. I simply cannot help myself. It means TBRs don't work for me and I am left to my own reading devices. Not great when it comes to ARCs but does mean my monthly reading list is varied and I am always reading something different… and being stuck in one genre for too long from time to time. It means I will never know what books I will pick up and I’ll always have at least twenty books waiting on stand by depending on my mood.

My question is how does everyone decide what to read next? And what do you do when you can't figure it out? I'm not in a slump. I am dying to read but I don't know what it is exactly I'm craving. I notice myself rereading a lot lately and I think that has to do with my not knowing what to pick up next. I am the person that struggles when there are too many options so maybe may towering TBR pile is not so much a help as I originally thought but instead a hindrance. Some might say maybe I should conquer it but I’ll stick to rereading until my reading mood can figure out what it’s looking for.

Do you have your books all planned out week to week or month to month? Or do you read whatever takes your fancy and just roll with it?
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