Sunday Summary // 15.10.2017

15 October 2017

Sunday Summary
I had the most relaxing beginning of the week (although my Sunday post was a day late) and I didn’t blog as much as I hoped but it was a great week. I didn’t go into work until Wednesday so I only had a three day working week which was pretty damn awesome, I could get used to that. I didn’t do a whole lot with my days off other than catch up on a little blog reading and a whole lot of Netflix watching. Sometimes a chilled couple of days is all I need.

Last time I told you we were getting a newbie at work, she started while I was off but I met her Monday. She is young! She’s just 18, I am telling you the newbies keep getting younger! She’s quite quiet but I think she’s scoping us out. At least she’s picking stuff up fairly fast so I’m hoping she’ll work out. I think this every time we get a new starter, though.

I also got some great news about someone who recently left the office, he’s coming back. He’s been offered a job in another department and so he’ll be coming back at the end of the month. I’m so excited! The office has been a lot less fun since he left so I’m glad to have him back.

What I’ve Been Reading

Wilde in LoveThe Love Experiment
I admit, I haven’t been reading as much this week. I have been binge watching Scorpion because it’s easy viewing and I just haven’t been able to figure out what I fancy reading. I was craving a bit of historical romance after going to Bath, though, so Wilde in Love arrived at the right time and it was brilliant! And I started The Love Experiment when I decided I simply didn't know what I wanted to read and I am in love. It is so good. I'm only a third of the way in and I adore it.

New To Me

SpellslingerBut Then I Came BackAsh and QuillWhile the Duke was Sleeping35521513Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
I know, there are a whole heap of books again. Turtles All The Way Down and the new Illustrated Harry Potter were preorders so I was excited to get those in the post. The rest, well, I have spending problems. I couldn’t say no, though. They were on offer!
The Girl in the TowerTo The Duke, With Love
I also got two ARCs which I didn’t really need but I mean, The Girl in the Tower, I adored The Bear and the Nightingale so I was so excited to get that to read. And I just can’t say no to some good old St Marten’s Press romance, I really can’t.

How was your week? Anyone else prefer a quieter week from time to time?
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