Sunday Summary // 29.10.2017

29 October 2017

Sunday Summary
This week guys I am a little out of sorts. There is nothing wrong but I’m just feeling a little blergh. I know it’s partly because I cancelled a night out Friday night and I feel bad. my friend wanted to reschedule for Saturday instead but I stopped feeling that urge for drinks and dancing, you know? I think it’s partly down to me maybe developing a cold, my mom’s been roaming the house spreading her plague so I kind of expected that (although, I’d been downing orange juice in the hopes vitamin C would conquer all) and also because I had a bit of a weird dizzy spell in the middle of the night Thursday. I’m pretty sure it’s down to the fact our heating broke and didn’t automatically turn off at night and so I woke up at 2am sweating (attractive, I know) and went to investigate but I think the heat and getting up too fast made me have a funny turn. I ended up lay on my bedroom floor with my dog sniffing at my head hoping the world would stop spinning and sweating a whole lot more. So yeah, I cancelled my night out and really didn’t fancy dancing which made me feel bad because we bought Halloween costumes and everything.

Apart from my dizzy spell and maybe cold it’s been a quiet week. I’ve got tickets booked for a bonfire and fireworks next weekend so I’m looking forward to that. I haven’t done much else, though. It’s just been rushing to get things done at work and I’m finding myself getting annoyed with certain people at work again. I do question whether or not it’s time to move on, except I am no closer to figuring out what kind of job I want than I was four years ago. I need to weigh things up on that one but if I leave you guys can claim you saw it here first. We’re also losing another person (shocking I know). She’s not on my team, she’s on the other finance team but she got offered a job in another department and she’s accepted. I do question why management hasn't asked why there’s such a high turnover in one team. I could honestly give them all the answers on that one.

I think there is another reason I’ve felt a bit blergh this week. We are thinking we’re going to have to put my nan in a care home. It’s been something my mom, brother and I have all thought for a long time but unfortunately, we don’t control my nan’s finances or care decisions. Her money has run out and we simply don’t have the time or skills to give her the care she needs anymore so we’ve had to look at care homes who would be able to meet her needs so we can focus on her well being. It’s a time consuming and expensive prospect and it really isn’t any fun. The cost of care homes is shocking and the lack of support to help you get those who need it into one is even worse. It’s awful the elderly are expected to spend their entire life savings to ensure they have someone to help them when they need them is ridiculous. I won’t get started on that, though. Admitting we may have to put her into a home was not a fun decision and shopping around at the eye-watering prices wasn’t fun either.

I feel like I’m sounding like a bit of a downer this week. What good stuff happened? Well, one of my friends is returning to the office next week. He’s the one who left and came back and I am excited to see his face, it’s been a few months. I realised more people at the office know who I am than I thought, which is nice. I think I assume I go under the radar of many because I am quiet with people I don’t know, or overly sarcastic so people just think I’m mean. So that was nice, good to know people do know me, I should hope so after being there for 4 years, still surprised me, though.

What I’ve Been Reading

17900545Here We Are Now
Because of my general rubbish mood, I have not been reading a whole lot. It doesn’t help that I finished reading Eliza and Her Monsters and adored it so completely so finding something to read after that has been hard! Rule was just as disappointing as I remember it being, I just could not get invested in the MCs at all, they just came across whiny. I did love some of the secondary characters, though, so I’m thinking they might work better for me? I can only hope because I flicked to the end of Rule and have already forgotten it. Then I started Here We Are Now and whilst it’s brilliant there was something stopping me from getting totally hooked. I loved the characters and the story, it was such a cool idea and didn’t ever fall into the weird trap that a story with celebrities can do. I think my issue was it was too short. I loved how it ended but I would have happily read far more because there was so much more to happen. It was good.

New To Me

Offensive BehaviorFreakonomicsSuperfreakonomics
I’ve been quite good lately. Only one ebook and two physical books and the Freakonomics books were part of the clearance section of my local WHSmith’s (no, I didn’t know that was a thing either but I got very excited, they had books for under £3 and I think they’re trying to compete with The Works which is a few stores away). And Offensive Behavior (it genuinely bothers me spell behaviour in that way) was 99p for Kindle and considering I adored The Love Experiment (and cannot wait for The Love Coupon) I figured now was the time to start reading all her other books (she’s written a whole heap). I actually read the first Freakonomics book forever ago when someone lent me a copy. I was strangely absorbed by it and the logic in it so I was so excited to get my own copy.

And that is my week. I still need to watch Stranger Things season 2 and a bunch of films on Netflix so I’m off to hibernate doing that whilst enjoying my extra hour. What have you done this week?
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