Sunday Summary // 01.10.2017

01 October 2017

Sunday Summary
What a week! I’ve barely been back at work and already I’m doing overtime. We’re all kinds of behind because of holidays and people leaving so I was persuaded to do a few hours of overtime to help us get caught up for the new month (my work schedule is all based on the beginning of the month as I work on monthly statements). Being in Saturday has just made me all kinds of tired and completely put me out of sync with my usual schedule. I know I don’t so loads with my Saturday mornings but I’ve felt all out of sorts with that. My best friend did come pick me up and we had fun chatting and shopping, so that was nice. It’s always nice to know friends are there to chill with you and get you through a rubbish day working Saturday.

Apart from my work woes (who doesn’t have work woes?), my week was pretty calm. I have been trying to get things sorted as I’m away next weekend for my friend's hen do so I wanted to be organised before that. I need to make sure I have everything sorted to pack Thursday night so I can head out for that but I have mostly failed on all fronts.

But, I’m sure the part you’re most excited to hear about is whether or not I sorted my laptop issues. I bought a new one and it’s so shiny! It’s gold! I seriously didn’t realise how much crap I was putting up with when it came to my old one until I got one which was better and faster. This one may not have a disk drive but I barely used the one on my old laptop so I think I’ll cope. I seriously adore everything about my new laptop and whilst I did almost call them up irate as it was missing one thing it was advertised as having, I decided I like every other part of the laptop and I don’t care enough to wait on the phone with customer services to try and resolve my issue, you know?

I have to say, I’ve been struggling to blog this week. I even wrote a post how I’m not short of ideas but I just don’t seem to be able to get words on a page. I was hoping by writing it would help me figure out how to write posts again but it’s not totally worked. It may end up actually going live if my blogging block persists. Who even knew this was a thing?

What I’ve Been Reading

LingusMoxieThe Hook Up
Guys, why have I not been reading? I have been in such a weird mood and I think it’s work's fault but I just haven’t been able to settle on a book and I’ve tried all genres, I really have. Like every genre! I just can’t seem to get into reading anything, which sucks. Lingus I enjoyed but it was very predictable and just not as swoon-worthy as some of Zapata’s later books are. Moxie was amazing, definite required reading for both why feminism is important and how simple things we let slide are big issues we should discuss. Women shouldn’t have to put up with the crap they do and we have to stop letting men make us feel like that is just how it is. I think maybe going on from a feminist read to The Hook Up was not my best plan but I was in some weird mood and the inability to settle on a book began. The Hook Up was mostly unsatisfying but I have heard the series gets better as it goes along so we shall see.

New To Me

Getting it BackIt Ends With Us
And just two little ebooks this week and I am quite happy with my purchases. No one wants to be overflowing new books and I am stuck in a rut so I’m trying to restrict my purchases.

What has everyone been up to? Any new books or exciting news?
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