I Don’t Know What I Do With My Weeks Anymore

01 June 2014

Sunday Summary
I know I say this every week, and it’s getting old, but I don’t know where my week has gone. I know where it went, but it surprises me it’s halfway through Sunday already. I have had a slow working week, slowest four days of my life at work. I’ve had a busy week out of work, though. Which is why I haven’t blogged much. I’m trying to, but I have so many other things to think about I can’t find the time. I’ve even struggled to find the time to read, it has been one of those weeks. It’s going to be one of those months, really. I have a bunch of birthdays coming up, so I’m continually off out having to go shopping, which fills me with rage because it’s weekend shopping and people are idiots. Anyway, essentially this another apology post, which I feel like I write every week, but it makes me feel better to keep you all aware of the ins and outs. I mean, I know everyone is all focused on the events of BEA, but for some of us this week has been all about shopping.
My reading this week has been pretty slow. I steamed through Between the Lives and was an emotional wreck after reading it. I’m currently trying to find the time to write up my review, I keep jotting down notes of things to remember. I really enjoyed it, the first of my Netgalley books which I have truly enjoyed and would go out of my way to buy and to give to others. I also read The Maze Runner, inspired by the fact I love Dylan O’Brien and saw the trailer and want to watch the film, so I thought I should read the book. I should not have read the book. I did not enjoy the book at all. I was intrigued by the story, don’t get me wrong, but the writing did not appeal to me. It felt too simplistic, which some will say is because it is Young Adult book, but to those haters I say you obviously haven’t read much in this genre. Anyway, the story was intriguing, I’ll give it that, but otherwise there was not much to redeem it in my eyes. I went ahead and wikipedia’d the ending after finishing the first book, I couldn’t bring myself to waste my time with the others. I still can’t wait for the film. As I said, the story was aces. The plot was awesome.
As I said at the beginning, I have not been doing much computer based stuff this past week. I did spend a bunch of time researching tablets. I am now a proud owner of the Nexus 7, which I love after only a short period of owning. I wanted something to take on holiday with me in September. I am obviously going t take my kindle, but my hotel has free wifi, so I figure that way I can stay up to date with the internet whilst I’m away, because I am an addict, and prolonged separation from technology brings me out in a rash. I have also been busy trying to get birthday presents. I hate buying presents because I am so bad at it, but also because once I find a gift I immediately want to show the person that the gift is for and be like ‘look what I got you’. I don’t know where that need comes from, but it happens every damn time.

Oh, another reason for my absence is simply because I have been social this week. I went out for Chinese with some friends, I ate with chopsticks! I should have probably got photos as evidence, but oh well. And I’ve been attempting to be a social being, basically. I am not social by nature. I can quite easily go a weekend without stepping a foot out of the house, and that doesn’t bother me like it does for some. SO being social is significant for me.

I know I say this every week, but I’ll try and be better. I am attempting to keep to a schedule. I have bailed on all discussion posts recently. I can’t see one being written for a little while, but I am going to try and have a schedule and stick to it. I may also post this schedule online for you all, that way I will feel the pressure to do what I say I will. Until next time.
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