My Week Has Lasted Far Too Long

29 June 2014

Sunday Summary
This week really dragged on. A work we have finished the insurer accounts for this month and it has been a chore of just going through all the old crap on our screens trying to figure why it is on there on the first place and then figure out whether we should have paid it or not. This might not sound awful but this job has not been done properly for two years, we are trawling through crap that can be two years old. How on earth are you meant to figure out why something is on our screens if it’s two years old? Do you remember why you did something at work two years ago because I certainly don’t?
Anyway, enough complaining about work from me. This week I have found myself on a bit of a fantasy binge and it looks like there is no hope of it abating. It’s because I still want to reread of Throne of Glass, but at the speed I read books I would finish the two books within a week and be sulking until the September release of Heir of Fire and I cannot have that.

All of these books have probably been on my TBR shelf for 6 months + so to be reading them now is an achievement for me. So often I whack a book on my TBR list and then promptly forget I wanted to read it in the first place. I would recommend every single one of these books to people, regardless of whether or not they are interested, read them anyway. Seraphina I rambled about earlier this week, but The Assassin's Curse and The Pirate’s Wish were books I only started reading because of Vickie’s review over at Under the Mountain. Then there is Poison Study which I have been contemplating reading for a good long while, so I committed last night whilst I had the house to myself. I had Metallica in the background rocking Glastonbury and I got sucked into this world. I finished it this morning and I am so eager to get absorbed back into that world that I want to rush through this post and get back to reading and move on to the second book.

I would ramble about what I’ve been watching, but I’ve watched nothing. And I would ramble about the interesting things I’ve done this week, but I haven’t done those either. I have discovered I am a book pusher. I frequently gift books to my friends at birthdays etc. to force them to experience my favourite reads. I forced my friends to read The Hunger Games, a drew my friend into the world of Divergent last year and now I am forcing The Fault In Out Stars on her, because she had never heard of it! I expect her to be an emotional wreck once she reads it. I am cruel, what can I say?

Until next time guys.
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