Sunday Summary

15 June 2014

Sunday Summary
This week I have had a more relaxed week. I figured out what to buy my mom for her birthday yesterday. I’d already bought her a scarf from M&S and I went and got a her a fancy bottle of vodka as well. That may seem like a bit of a strange present for a parent, but she loved it. Grey Goose vodka costs a bomb, but she liked it so who am I to complain? I have a friends birthday coming up real soon. I have bought her nothing. I am a terrible friend, but that’s the plan for next week. Shopping around for another present. I really hate gift giving, I suck at it.
I’ve had a more relaxed reading week this week, I read another Jennifer Echols book because she is slowly becoming one of my favourite authors. I have avoided reading Such A Rush for a stupid reason, I didn’t think I’d like that there were planes involves. I know, stupid right? I don’t claim there is any logic in my avoidance, but that is one clear thought I remember having a while back when I was debating whether or not to get it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and take back every stupid thought I had about it.

I also read There The Stars Still Shine, another book I have spend a considerable amount of time avoiding because I was wary of the whole child abduction element of the book, but mostly because everyone was raving about it and it made me wary of reading it. Now it’s been out forever, people bring it up occasionally, but the hype has died down so I deemed it safe to read. Also, I loved Doller’s other book Something Like Normal, I had to give it a try. I am so glad I did, this book blew me away. It was all I could think about at work, I did not want to stop reading. I didn’t want this book to end, but it did and I was sad.

And, because it seems like my reading choices this week have been all about reading books I have been avoiding due to hype and weird misconceptions about whether or not I'd like a book I decided to read Cinder. I enjoyed this book, I did not adore it. I wanted to know what was going to happen next, but I was not drawn and did not feel compelled to finish. I enjoyed it, I’m currently reading Scarlet. I will happily read Cress after that, but I am not going to gush about the series like others have. I’m a bit disappointed I’m not more in love with the series, but I enjoyed it and get why everyone loves it. This was an intelligent take on a fairy tale story, I loved that it’s set in the future with cyborgs, androids and space. It is something you don’t see too often in books, or I haven’t read too much of in books anyway. It’s refreshing and definitely a decent read.
This is really the only important thing I watched this week. I mean, I watched Eastenders as well. And I watched The Blind Side on Amazon Instant Video, but the highlight of my viewing week was going to the cinema to watch X-Men. I bought the largest drink at Odeon and needed to pee about an hour in, but I persevered and did not move from my seat until the credits had rolled. I adored Quicksilver in all his adorable speedy glory, I think he was the highlight of the film for me. No spoilers to anyone but I was talking to my friend near the beginning of the film, I can’t remember what we were talking about or why, but I said the words ‘that’s grim’ and that Hugh Jackman was on screen, in 3D glory buttass naked and the  next words out of my mouth were ‘but that’s not’. I am hilarious I know. Anyway, if you’re a fan of X-Men, go watch. It doesn’t stick to the comics but it’s still aces. Also, Bishop is in it, I freaking love Bishop.

So, that’s my week. I am going to go and watch crap on Netflix now, or Amazon Instant Video (that one does not role off the tongue, they need a shorter name for their streaming service). What do you guys think, should I watch Orange is the New Black. I got halfway through the first season last year and then got bored (not of the series, just get bored easily so if I series binge it must be a proper back to back binge session).
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