Perseverance is Key

21 June 2014

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This week I am contemplating about how it is important to stick with things. Why might I be thinking this? I suppose you have all noticed I have had a terrible blogging month, I can just about manage to post Top 10 Tuesday and a quick Sunday Summary post and then I disappear into the abyss of real life. It isn’t because I haven’t been enjoying blogging, it’s that I've been struggling to find time to write anything particularly unique, especially when I have been busy doing things outside of the blog and work which has left me little to no time to just chill. Take this week for example, I have been so busy I have any read one book this week! One book! That is appalling by my standards. But, it wasn’t actually my lack of blogging that brought on this contemplation it was the fact the zip on my bag got stuck.

You see, the zip got caught on a bunch of fabric when I was zipping it up I guess, I didn’t notice anyway. Then I came to need to open it to get my purse out to do a little online shopping, but my bag wouldn’t open. I got the zip shifted about an inch and then it was completely jammed. I spent a good twenty minutes pulling trying to close and reopen the zip to no avail, if anything I probably got it more stuck. After some googling and a lot of growling and bag throwing it still wouldn’t open. I was fully ready to embrace my bag was broken beyond all repair and I was going to have to cut it open to get my purse, phone, and kindle back. Being the mature adult I am I went stomping downstairs chucked my bag on the kitchen floor grabbed the kitchen scissors and was ready to massacre my favourite bag. Luckily for me, my mother came in told me to chill my beans and had a look at it.
rawr alan rage
At this point in the story I must advise you my mom has very bad psoriasis on her hands which she is currently getting treated but it is painful and leaves her with terribly flaky skin on her palms, she smothers her hands in greasy cream to help relieve some of her difficulties, but she hasn’t the normal dexterity in her hands because she has a lot of cracks and general pain in her hands when it's bad. Also, due to the cream, she has little to no grip on things, so her trying to yank at the zip only helped to get grease on my bag and make things slippy.

Anyway, we were there struggling with the zip, my mother had helped calm me down and make me laugh, but I was still ready to grab the kitchen knife and start stabbing my bag to get my stuff back,. But we were laughing and struggling and I was saying there was nothing for it except to cut the bag open and my mom was saying go for it if I was sure. I wasn’t, but I wanted my stuff back. I was pulling at the fabric stuck in the zip through that inch gap that we managed to get the zip open. I was getting myself mentally prepared to do some bag damage when the fabric came free. I could open my bag. Once more my belongings were available to me and I felt mighty. I felt like a God. I had managed to do what I was convinced half an hour before I was not going to be able to do. I had opened my bag. I had tears stains on my face from crying in frustration. My face was flushed. I had a snotty nose from the crying, but my bag was freaking open.
im a god
The lesson I learnt from that traumatising half an hour? Apart from the fact that I will let little get in the way of me buying shoes, not even a bag refusing to give my purse up to me, I also learnt that you should never give in too soon, as I was willing to do in regards to my bag. I would have cut it open far sooner if my mom hadn’t come along and helped calm my frazzled frustrated nerves and I would have destroyed my favourite bag and been very upset about it. That didn’t happen though. I managed to get it open all because I held on that bit longer, I struggled for that moment more and the fabric gave and the zip opened. I view blogging like that. It will not always come easy. I will often stall and get stuck, either when I don’t post often, or stuck in a rut of posting the same things each week and becoming stale.. But as long as I am willing to persevere, to hold and struggle for that moment longer I will pull through. And when that happens I will feel mighty and feel like a God. That is a nice feeling to have and I hope to achieve it again in terms of this blog.

I think what I am trying to say is please bear with me whilst I struggle through this month of poor blogging. I am determined to get back on track and if you hold out I hope you all will be pleased with what will come after we’ve gotten through this, and I hope to feel mighty when I’ve beaten this slump.

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