I’m 23 and Sometimes I Feel Like I Am About 80

27 June 2014

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This probably sounds like a ridiculous blog post. I know I am not eighty, and you all can probably tell I don’t sound it when I write, there is no proper grammar and appropriate sentence structure from me. I do sound middle aged at least when I talk, most especially when I complain. I am one of those people that rants about things. I had a full on rant at work the other day about our local shopping centre, Merry Hill. I complained about how awful it is going to places like that due to the number of people there. Everyone is always so wrapped up in themselves they get in everyones way, I know I do that sometimes too, but people shouldn’t walk so damn slow in front of shop doorways, it’s so inconsiderate. I complained how people walk slow; people who take up the entire walkway; people who stop suddenly for no apparent reason and with no warning; people with pushchairs and their screaming children; people taking shopping trollies around with them when they are obviously intended for use at the supermarket only; old people walking slowly, and the list goes on.
I am a grumpy old woman at times, except I’m not old. My complaining is not what I want to discuss though, that is me simply setting the scene for you. What I actually want to discuss was my aversion to social networking. You see all the youths of today on twitter, snapchat, tumblr, and everyone and their mom is on facebook. The thing is, I just don’t get it. Sure, you’ve probably noticed I post on twitter that I have a new post, and you may have noticed me complaining about buses on twitter, but I mostly just don’t get it. I don’t get how people spend so much time on twitter. I don’t get the socialising. I just don’t get it.
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The thing is I don’t get most social media. I never go on facebook. Sure, friends post pictures of me occasionally on there, but I don’t go posting on there. I think I got weary of everyone posting about what their baby threw up today, or about how that couple is either on again or off again. I got fed up of everyone clawing for attention and I couldn’t help thinking that I some of the people who are my ‘friends’ on there I would probably go and avoid if I saw them on the street.

I know I sound so jaded me and my middle class problems. I do feel like I’m not make the most of all the different tools I could utilise to show off my blog, though. I feel like I should be on twitter more, like so many bloggers are. I feel like I should use instagram, but what would I take pictures of? It’s just be me spamming folk with pictures of my cat. And I think that’s my issue with using any social media to really promote my blog, I just think what would I post. It is essentially me posting stuff for the sake of it with no real grasp of how it all works. I can quite happily use my computer. I will always read up on technology and books, and things, but I cannot grasp social sites because I am not social by nature. The thought of speaking to folk on twitter terrifies me. I used to hate people messaging me on facebook because then I’d be forced into that awkward conversation online where you are trying to be polite but you’re really wondering how quickly you can leave the conversation and log off without looking like you don’t want to talk to someone.
do not want
Basically, I have never embraced this whole connecting with people, which probably is why I don’t get all the social crap that has popped up on the interwebs. I think if I put the effort in I might enjoy them, but why bother when I don’t like them to begin with. I would need a lot of persuading to think otherwise. I suppose I have not really said anything specific with this discussion post apart from that I am resistant to certain technological advances and I’m antisocial

What are people’s thoughts on social media? Do you love twitter, hate facebook, instagram like crazy? I would love to hear about it to try and change my mind.
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