Sunday Summary: 20.09.2015

20 September 2015

Sunday Summary
I have had another rubbish reading week, I even DNF’d a book, and I now have an order to come in from The Works (books to be revealed once they arrive) so my to read pile is getting larger than my read pile! But, I’ve had the realisation I’m cool with occasionally dropping the ball and not reading. It isn’t the end of the world and I’m totally okay with that.

I have gotten some of my reading and blogging mojo back, I may not be reading as much or writing as many blog posts, but I’m certainly interested in doing both after wanting to just slob around in pyjamas after work each day last week. It’s been great because by not going near my blog at the beginning of last week I got a bit of a break and it meant I could instead just enjoy myself. It means I’m now even more excited to get going again and write a few more posts, although I still have about five book reviews waiting to be written, why do I procrastinate and do this to myself?

I think this weeks renewed energy comes from the fact that work is looking slightly better and I’ve got one more week to power through until I have a week off! I’ve only had one full week off this year, and that was back in June, so my excitement for a week off knows no bounds. I’m slowly driving everyone in sane at work with my holiday countdown, I’m not even going anywhere but I’m just excited to have a few lie ins!

And I’m sure you will all be thrilled to here that our newbies both showed up on Monday and they have lasted an entire week! The one may have fobbed us off for a week but she’s shown up everyday and gotten her work done. What more could we ask for? I will reserve judgement until I’ve had a chance to speak to them both but they seem nice enough, I’m still slightly upset about the sheer number of women working in the finance office (we have a grand total of five men in an office of seventeen… I know… it gets bitchy from time to time) but if it means we won’t be exhausted trying to get all the work done then I won’t complain… much.

What I’ve Been Reading

Sadly, I ended up giving up on More Than Music because I simply could not get into the story and I felt simply nothing in regards to the characters. It was upsetting both because I requested an ARC (and then discovered I actually owned a copy already on my Kindle) but also because I thought I had been craving some romance and this just did not satisfy. I won’t review because I hate writing negative reviews, it is just one of those things.

I read my first Brandon Sanderson book as well, I own a few books on my Kindle and for some reason I fancied reading after seeing this post with books set at boarding schools. This book wasn’t even one recommended it was one that was to read and for some reason it planted the seed in my mind.

New To Me

I did do a big The Works order, so this doesn’t represent all the books I’ve bought this week, but I only feature the books I’ve actually received each week (in case you’re wondering). Leaving Amarillo is a book I’ve had my eye on for a good year so when I saw it going cheap on Kindle I had to buy, and the Bella Andre book is the second in The Sullivan’s books series and it was free so who could say no to that? Even if I am headed towards a romance slump. Demon Road was an impulse buy at the supermarket, I’ve read no Derek Landy before but I’ve heard good things and it sounds cool so I thought screw it and added it to my basket. Fingers crossed for me.

How have your weeks been? Do you ever find yourself buying more than you’re reading and feel bas about it? And how do you stop yourself from buying, I just can’t seem to say no when it comes to books!
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