Sunday Summary: 06.09.2015

06 September 2015

Sunday Summary
How embarrassing, last weeks Sunday Summary had the wrong date on it! I noticed after posting but then I couldn’t be bothered to go alter the link etc. on it, so the title is right on it at least. I blame the fact it was a bank holiday weekend and that I wrote it on Friday night instead of Saturday/Sunday like I normally do.

Anyway, let’s move onto my week. I don’t know what I have done. I went out for food Tuesday, I almost never go out for a meal because I am such a fussy eater but it was really nice to just sit and laugh with friends, especially as we were so tired! I don’t know what it is, but the more days you have off of work the more exhausted you are when you go back. It was good though because there is nothing better than food you have not had to cook yourself, and the fact you get dessert is also a bonus. Then the rest of the week I’ve been attempting to get myself in a working frame of mind but instead I’m just thinking about the fact I have a week off coming soon and I’m excited to not have to get up early, even though I have no actual plans for my time off.

I have to say, I am impressed I managed to get a post up everyday (apart from Saturday) this week, it wasn’t intentional it just ended up working out that way. I know I could have kept some posts back, but I’d intended them to be this week, I just had a couple of monthly posts that appeared in the first month as well. I don’t know, maybe I need a posting schedule? But that would be too practical and organised for me.

One last thing before we go onto my reading list and shopping list, have you guys seen what Patrick Ness is doing to help the Syrian refugees? I’m sure you have because it has been all over twitter and includes at least half of all the authors we love and respect. The bookish community has to come together to try and help those in need, with Ness outraged at the UK government’s lack of action (but can we just say this is all over Europe with no one being able to agree the best course of action?). I think it’s amazing how people are willing to come together, and the speed in which he has been able to raise this money is amazing. I’m not going to give you any opinions or preach at you, but isn’t it just amazing what people are capable of doing together?


What I’ve Been Reading

This reading list always includes my Sunday reads from the week before and it was a bank holiday weekend which is the only reason for me having read quite so many books. I mean, I’m going to be honest with you guys, I was a little hungover on Sunday so I had a pyjama day and read Here’s Looking at You (a perfect Sunday read) and then I picked up The Year We Fell Down as a book to entertain me before something came on TV and I ended up being so absorbed that I finished it that evening.

Also, I read Shadows after getting a copy from NetGalley and I was hooked on the Rephaim series after that and so read the entire series in about four or five days. I absolutely had to finish the Rephaim series! I read them so obsessively you would not believe, I couldn’t stop. I mean, the first book didn’t end on too much of a cliffhanger, but book two and three had the worst cliffhanger endings. My literal reaction upon finishing both was ‘WTF? Where is the next one, you can’t do that to me?’ and so I finished the second one Friday at 7pm and then immediately picked up the nest one and was up to 1am reading and seriously contemplated reading the fourth one immediately. I got about six hours sleep and just read. My poor blog was neglected, my posts are half written but I was utterly gripped, I haven’t felt that way about a series in a long while.

New To Me

As you can see I have not been smart with my money this week, but I told you, I needed to finish the Rephaim series, it was seriously addictive reading. As for the rest, I have been waiting to buy Nimona for so long for no apparent reason, so I committed and bought it. I did a little dance when it arrived in the post, and The Ex Games is self explanatory, I love Jennifer Echolls and it was going for 99p, and I needed Mhairi McFarlane’s other book, I’ve read the other two so why not right?

As you can see, I have had a fantastic reading week. And, a totally successful week of blogging! I am now knuckling down getting my posts all wrapped up for next week because I am busy being social most of next week. Do you ever find yourself being completely on top of things some weeks and wondering what’s gone differently for you? I want to hear how things are going with you and any thoughts on my read and newly bought books is always appreciated.
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