Ten (Or Five) Characters You Just Didn't Click With

01 September 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week’s theme is the ten characters you just didn’t clicked with.

I’m going to be honest and say I completely forgot about TTT posts, I skipped last week because I couldn’t come up with a theme, I had blogging block, and then I basically forgot about this week’s until Monday (thank God for bank holiday weekends, right?) so that is my excise if this comes across a bit rushed and incoherent.

It isn’t often I don’t click with characters, so it’s a bit of a struggle to think of books and characters. I have one which instantly sprang to mind, but for the rest trawling through my reading shelf has had to occur and all I feel like doing is curling up with a good book because it is checking it down outside.

Silver – The Elites – I have attempted to read this book twice now and simply cannot get through it. I picked the book up as a blogger I like wrote it, sadly that has not helped me like the book. My issue was Silver, the main character, didn’t have enough personality to make me feel any connection to her or her problems. She just fell flat with me, which was upsetting, because the book’s premise sounded interesting.

Alina – Shadow and Bone – I know I’m the odd one out with this series, but I just did not enjoy it, and I tried really hard to. I read the first book twice and my opinion didn’t change, but I continued with the second because people have raved about this series, and nothing changed for me. It upset me, because the premise of this book is spot on and is right up my street. I liked the premise of people with magical abilities, I liked the idea and the setting was beautiful, a Russian inspired world? Sign me up! But Alina was just so hard to connect with, I didn’t understand her at all, and the characters I did like just did not have enough of a presence to help pull the books back for me.

Megan – True Fire – I never reviewed this book on my blog because it was a solid premise and their was no true fault with the book, I simply didn’t like Megan. I did not connect with her in any way. Even the secondary characters couldn’t bring this book back for me, and that was upsetting. I wrote a short review on GoodReads which basically says that the story premise was solid, but I just didn’t feel anything for Megan and didn’t believe she was emotionally invested in anything.

Kat – Make it Count – It’s not so much I didn’t connect with Kat, I liked her, but I couldn’t understand the huge deal made out of things in the book, and I certainly didn’t understand a lot of the negative comments made about her. I suppose this is not so much me connecting with a character, and me more not connecting with the story written about her, it didn’t feel true and that really influenced my opinion of her as a character.

Kennedy – Roomies – This is another book I never reviewed after reading, I just didn’t want to write negative things, but I didn’t enjoy it. Partially, I was upset the romance did not occur as expected, but mostly I didn’t like the character of Kennedy too much. I have never really been against love triangles, if it fits a story I’ll roll with it, so I knew to expect a love triangle going into this, but I wish the love triangle had felt more genuine. It felt forced, and I think this was because I found it hard to believe that Kennedy actually cared or was remotely interested in the two brothers in this book.

As shown my rather short list, it isn’t often I feel a true disconnect with characters. There are probably plenty of books where I didn’t fully connect with the characters but could still understand them so it wasn’t noticeable. I don’t think you always need to connect with a character to enjoy a book, as long as you understand them and their motivations you’re all good. The books I have chosen are the ones where I fully could not relate to the characters at all and it affected the book and my enjoyment of it.

Do you ever find your disconnect spoiling a book for you, or can you fail to connect with a character but still enjoy the book as a whole?
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