Sunday Summary: 13.09.2015

13 September 2015

Sunday Summary
I am going to begin by saying I have had a terrible reading week this week. I just have not been in the mood for reading, or I haven’t known what I was in the mood to read, anyway. I’ve just flitted from book to book reading the first page or two and then put it down because it hasn’t been what I’ve fancied. I don’t think it has helped that I have been crazy busy all week doing one thing or another after work, it’s meant I haven’t been able to force myself to just sit and read to try and get me out of this little reading rut. It then hasn’t helped that I’ve still bought a couple of books. I don’t know why I keep buying books when I’m not reading, but whenever I see a good deal I have to get it immediately because I hate to risk missing it.

I was going to complain about some of the ridiculous things which happened at work this week, but I’m getting bored of complaining about how ridiculous my work place can be. All I will say is that we need to conduct better interviews because we had a new starter die to begin Monday and she didn’t show. She is now meant to be starting tomorrow instead (we’re not allowed to ask why) so hopefully it’ll be second time lucky. I don’t know, you have to laugh otherwise you’d cry.

II think the drama of work has really helped aid in my reading slump, I’ve been so tired getting home that I don’t feel like writing a blog post or reading anything and it’s annoying. I’m hoping when our new starter actually starts it’ll help because the past few weeks have been hectic with us trying to get ahead of ourselves before we lose another member of the team. I think I’ve just run myself a bit ragged. I’ve spent the weekend playing Fallout 3 (because I need to know what all the hype is about) and basically just turning my brain off. I’ve also started watching The Strain and I love vampire shows! I don’t know, next week will be better, especially as it is now less than two weeks until my weeks off of work, I think I need the break to rest up, get some blogging done and generally just relax. I’m really glad I decided not to book anything for my week off now. I am going to put a slideshow of various sunny beaches on the TV, mix up some cocktails, turn the heating up and pretend I’m on holiday somewhere exotic without the stress of travelling.

What I’ve Been Reading

You're probably thinking 'how have you had a bad reading week, you've read 4 books?' but sadly I have only read the first two. I have been reading Fractured since Thursday and still haven't finished, which is a really long time for me. And I started reading The Martian yesterday, and I am really enjoying it, but it's my loss of my motivation to read which really makes it a bad reading week, 

New To Me


I bought myself an actual physical copy of Seraphina motivated by the fact I want to read Shadow Scale at some point but haven’t committed to buying. This was my attempt to motivate myself. I also received the book from my RavenPost order. Ravenpost is a new UK based book subscription box, it’s a YA subscription box with the past books being The Sin-Eater’s Daughter and … so I decided to give it a go. It doesn’t have as much stuff in as I might like for the price (£25) but I’m going to wait and see what comes in the next box before I form an opinion. When I saw it was a book I had already read there was a small moment of disappointment, but then I’m actually really happy to have a copy of this book as I did enjoy it and would definitely read again. Next month’s theme is isolation and so I am going to hold off on forming an opinion on this one for a little while.

I also bought myself a physical copy of Shadow Study, even though I haven’t read the kindle edition, because I feel more guilt over not reading physical copies than Kindle copies, probably because they’re staring me in the face everyday. And my final purchase was The Martian, I’ve been wanting to read this book since I saw the film trailer so when I saw it for £3 at The Works I had to buy, I’ve read the first chapter and am intrigued. I want to read it before I think about watching the film.

Hopefully I will see you next week. I’m probably not going to post until the middle of next week whilst I try and catch up on a few posts. As it’s freebie week for Top Ten Tuesday I’ll be skipping that so I can have a few posts sorted from Wednesday onwards.

Does anyone else having little mini blogging breaks to catch up? And does anyone else find that when work and life leaves you run down you lose reading motivation?
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