Sunday Summary: 27.09.2015

27 September 2015

Sunday Summary
I would like to take a moment to celebrate the fact my week off from work has begun! I’m quite excited if you can’t tell.
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I get extremely excited by such small things, I have no real plans for my week off apart from catching up on some lost sleep and a bit of reading, but that is how my time normally goes if I have a week off with no plans. I may also attempt to get a few blog posts drafted up for when I inevitably want to vegetate on the sofa after work some times.

So, this week was filled with so many deliveries it was crazy! I love getting parcels in the post because it feels like getting a present (which you chose and paid for). First was a lovely book delivery from Book Depository, I didn’t say the other week, but I won an actual blog competition (I never win things) hosted by Alexandra at Twirling Pages. I got to choose a book from Book Depository under $12 and I chose Faking Perfect because it is a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while but not been willing to shell out the cash on because of my ever growing TBR list. I started reading that Saturday after being an emotional wreck after finishing The High Lord book (don’t even talk to me about that book, I love and hate it equally measure and am still recovering from those last few chapters) and it was the perfect read for the mood I was in.

I then had a hoodie delivered Wednesday (a purchase inspired by Gogglebox) and that was pretty exciting, but I also had a big box of books from The Works. It was quite exciting, but the delivery company for The Works is Hermes, and Hermes are notorious for leaving my parcels in our wheelie bin on bin day. I suppose, at least it’s empty when they put it in there, but it is frustrating as hell because I’m about 5”4 and reaching the bottom of a wheelie bin is hard! I full on had to whack my head in there to grasp the box at the bottom. Do you know what bins smell like?!? Not good, that’s what.

Aside from bin diving for my books, though, it was an exciting delivery (all books are below) and then I had my Bookworm Box for August delivered finally after the delay from being sent out as a few books for damaged. I was a bit annoyed both of my books are part of a series (I have to series in order, it freaks me out if I don’t, it makes me nervous) but I will still read them and let you know, and it’s for charity so it doesn’t count, right?

What I’ve Been Reading

This is the week where I managed to get out of my reading rut! I finished the Sarah Fine book I started the other week, and then speed read the end of the series. Was it satisfying? I guess, but I’m happy to have committed to finishing the series. I then committed to reading another series, Canavan’s The Black Magician Trilogy and that was both amazing and frustrating as hell, but more on that another day. And then there have been my Saturday reads, I sped through Faking Perfect and began reading Red Queen last night. Hopefully I’ll carry on with this good reading again.

New To Me

I told you I had a fairly big order coming from The Works, well it was 9 books I ordered!

I know I have a problem.

It all began because I was browsing the website and saw that they were had Red Queen and Ink & Bone both included in their 6 for £10 offer, they were both books I’d wanted for a while so I obviously had to find four other books to complete the deal. I then noticed Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy for £10 which would bring my order to the £20 free delivery, so I had to really. It would have been stupid not to.

Basically, I bought a lot of books, but it’s okay, I’ll read them eventually. I’ve just got to attempt a spending ban. My problem is I’ve never had the money to buy all the books I want before and now I do I seem to have no self control to stop myself buying. Oh well.

How have your weeks been? Does anyone have any sensible suggestions to curb book buying? I have been told to try getting a gift card for the year with my book budge and if I run out, sucks to me.
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