Workspace: My Dream Office

03 September 2015

I don’t think I’ve ever really told you guys about how and where I blog. You’re probably picturing a cute little desk space covered in books, random scraps of paper and housing my lovely laptop where I do all my typing. You would be wrong. The nightmare of returning home to live with my mom whilst I save money for my own place means I have a very limited amount of space for stuff. I aspire to have a beautiful little working space (it doesn’t need to be an office, but a little desk would suffice) as I currently have a little bedside table and my bed to work from. I have towers of books littering my room and various notepads and post it notes stuck around from when inspiration or a thought has struck. It is safe to say my creative method for blogging is chaotic at best.

I am a lover of Pinterest (who isn’t?) and so all my inspiration for this future workspace is taken from there, because I do not always want to blog sat on my bed with my laptop whilst my dog tries to sit on my lap (he is too big to be a lapdog anyway, but he is currently in denial) and I have to attempt to be like Mr Fantastic and stretch my arms over him. It is awkward, my current set up, and extremely unorganised, so I find random notes for reviews I wrote six months ago in places unexpectedly one day and I can’t help but think ‘damn, I forgot I had that really intelligent point to make’ (or, more likely ‘WTF were you going on about, Becky? That doesn’t even make sense’).
I think the things anyone wants for their workspace is simple, they want space (no shit), comfort (if you’re going to be sat there for extended periods of time you will want to be comfortable) and I need it to be uncluttered enough that when I cause chaos with my strange organisational system my mess won’t be absorbed into the general mess on the desk. Basically I would need a big desk, with a comfy chair and lots of draws and shelving and general desky organisational things to try and keep me in line. I think I’ve captured what I want with these pictures, I want something pretty, with shelves, a good spaced desk and a comfy desk chair. I don’t have big needs. Also, if I can have pretty artwork or a cool hipster note board, that wouldn’t go amiss either.

This entire post was inspired by WeWork and the amazing office spaces they have in various locations. It’s great because you can be a freelancer that just needs the noise of others around them to work, or you can have a small company and be looking for space to start building things up and you get that with WeWork. At work, we all put in for the lottery (yes we have a syndicate going) and we always joke about how we’ll all quit our jobs when we win and that we’ll have to find ourselves little side projects to keep ourselves busy and to stop ourselves becoming the idle rich. I always joke I’ll discover my talent (seriously, I don’t know what my talent is) and that I’ll become a freelancer (I don’t know what I’ll freelance in just yet) and have myself a little office so when I feel like it I can go off and work if I need something to occupy my time. What I am very ineloquently trying to say is I would work at a WeWork office because there would still be people there to interact with (I may be antisocial, but I need the noise of others around me and it’s either this or sit in a coffee shop all day), but I would have to travel to ‘work’. I mean, seriously, did you see that Austin office? And what about the Spitalfields one in London? I would work at these places when I’m bored of enjoying my lottery winnings (it will happen one day, don't ruin my dreams!).

Have you ever spent time contemplating your dream workspace or have you managed to achieve it already? And any suggestions on how best cope with my current set up is always appreciated.
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