Challenge Catch Up // We’re Halfway Through

11 July 2016

It’s been six months since I announced my challenges and resolutions for 2016 and I figure it’s time for another catch-up post. I haven’t progressed much past where I was in my quarterly catch up but I’m not worried. I’ve got a few books on my list for the two challenges I’ve committed to doing.

Let’s take a c look at the year so far then:


  • I want to read at least 100 books: I have successfully read over 100 books! Even with my book slump where I read less than 20 books in June (that’s really low for me) I still managed it. And this isn’t including rereads either.
  • I want to read more widely: I think I’ve done a bit better, looking back over the genres and range of books I’ve read I have tried new things. I’ve read more historical books, a non-fiction book and some thrillers. It’s not hugely different from my usual reads, but it’s something.
  • I want to cut my TBR pile in half: Don’t mind me I’m just laughing hysterically at my delusion of thinking this was possible.
  • I want to review more books: I’m still on track with this, I think I’ve even successfully managed to review more with my posts like Borrowed Books and Bite-Sized Books as there are multiple reviews on one post.
  • I want to use social media a bit more: This is still a work in progress. I am trying to do more Twitter chats and generally just post things which aren’t retweets and my attempts to win more books. It’s hard, though. I mean I am a terrible photographer so Instagram is a hard one and my first instinct isn’t to take pictures on things so I always forget taking pictures of books and things.
  • I want to reread more books: I’ve re-read 1 more book since my last post… that’s not great.

Reading Challenges

I am doing two reading challenges and the discussion challenge this year.

The first challenge is the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge and according to my spreadsheet I have read books in 18 of the categories out of the 40 listed. I feel that is reasonably impressive but I know that I’ve done the easier categories first. I’ve a few ideas written down to fill some other ones but I can’t see me finishing all of them. I’ll let you know in another three months if I’ve managed to progress anymore.

I am also doing a similar challenge, The Book Riot Read Harder Challenge, and I have read 11 books out of 24. That means I am only a little bit behind. I can stay on track if I read three books one month but considering one category is listening to an audiobook which won an Audie I can’t see me finishing this challenge (I just don’t get audiobooks. I stop listening because I’m doing something else so I miss the story).

I am also doing the discussion challenge and I am successfully getting a discussion post up a month so yay, success with something!

How are you doing with your challenges and resolutions? Are you on track or are you just waiting to see how it goes by the end of the year?
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