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30 July 2016

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Welcome all to Sunday. I think we all should take a moment to wish Harry Potter and JK Rowling a happy birthday and celebrate Harry Potter and the Cursed Child release day.

happy birthday

My copy of Cursed Child is due to be delivered today (I hope) and I plan on reading it immediately. And have you all heard the exciting news the play is on until 2017 with more tickets due to be released on the 4th August?! I need to find a friend to go with me. A trip to London would totally be worth it. A nice all day play and then spend another day shopping or being touristy. At least, that will be the plan if I can get tickets.


This week has been a slow easy week. I’ve done some blogging and visited far more blogs than I usually do and I’ve read book which I’ve really enjoyed! I’ve just been enjoying myself for once and it’s been nice. I’ve also been a bit disappointed that I’ve missed out on YALC but I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it. I’m not good at going places alone and the cost of going down to London was too much. Especially as my friend who lives down there has been moving so couldn’t offer me a place to stay either. I am not overly upset, I will enjoy myself my own way over the weekend. There will be other years to go and undoubtedly my purse will thank me for not going and spending so much money on books.


What I’ve Been Reading


I have been reading a few things this week and it’s gotten me into the habit of reading multiple books at the same time. I’m continuing my read along with Danya and Kaja and it’s just as good/terrible as last week. I did read a really fantastic book, though. These Shallow Graves was an absolutely unputdownable read and I loved it. If you like historical YA with strong female characters then this is the book for you. The rest of my reads were just enjoyable, I may review them but they weren’t rave worthy. I think Warrior shows good potential for the rest of the series, though.


New To Me


I’ve been really restrained with my book buying this week, you would be impressed. I enjoyed Boomerang when I read it a couple of years back so decided to complete the series for myself. I can see a lazy few days reading and enjoying these. Then I was surprised to see Finnikin of the Rock in a deals email, it was going for £1 for Kindle so I obviously bought it. I’ve seen plenty of people talk about it so I figured I should buy it at that price.


How have your weeks been? Read anything interesting lately which you want to recommend to me? And have you any suggestions as to what I should read next?

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