Top Ten Tuesday // Top Ten Books I Enjoyed That Has Under 2000 Ratings On Goodreads

05 July 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week’s theme is all about highlighting lesser read books. It’s the top ten books I’ve liked which have less than 2000 Goodreads ratings. It’ll be interesting although I think some books which have less than 2000 ratings are actually really popular books so I’ve tried to go with books from the lower end of the scale but we’ll see how it goes.

28944349How Not To Fall – Emily Foster

This one feels a bit like cheating as it’s only recently been published so it won’t have many ratings but I read it last week and loved it so any chance to highlight a new favourite, right?


Some Girls Do – Clodagh Murphy

I loved this book when I read it a while back. It’s a perfect chick-lit read with a bit of a strange concept but is fun all the same. I can’t remember everything about it but I do know I wanted to read more Clodagh Murphy novels after finishing but haven’t for some reason.

8Who’s That Girl – Mhairi McFarlance

If you’ve read my post last week you’ll know I adored this book and raved and flailed over it and so I was thrilled when I saw it had less than 2000 ratings because I could rave again. This is a book for fans of chick lit and romance who wants a bit more depth to their book.


6411595A Field Guide To Burying Your Parents – Liza Palmer & Girl Before A Mirror – Liza Palmer

I was surprised when I saw two of Liza Palmer’s books had less than 2000 ratings because I love her books (or love the three which I’ve read) and so I wanted to highlight these two to you. A Field Guide To Burying Your Parents is a second chance romance which is way more about family than it is about relationships (but that was good too). And then Girl Before A Mirror is hilarious because it features romance readers, romance cover models and a woman who is working for what she wants in life and rocks it. Both are fantastic reads and I would recommend them.

251586043The Bollywood Bride – Sonali Dev

This is Sonali Dev’s second book and I liked it just as much as her first The Bollywood Affair. I preferred The Bollywood Affair in some ways but I loved The Bollywood Bride and the fact it highlighted the attitudes to mental illness which exist. Sure, it was the attitude to mental illness in India more than in America or the UK but it was still eye-opening and interesting to read. It’s a darker book but still a very good book and you should go read it.


The Shattered Court – M.J. Scott

This was one of my favourite impulse buys from last year and I still like it just as much this year. It’s a fantasy romance which is a bit ridiculous in some ways but I honestly don’t care. It’s about magic, weird bonds created from magical power conduits and a witch who is powerful and not bound to a church or something like that. It was just good.

11339030Nine Uses For An Ex-Boyfriend – Sarra Manning

I adore Sarra Manning’s adult books and this was an interesting one as it doesn’t have the usual romance and ending to it. It’s all about breaking up and moving on when you partner cheats. And it’s about understanding what happened. It’s funny and sweet and one of my favourite books by her (not my favourite but it’s still good).


Getting Over Mr Right – Chrissie Manby & Single Woman Seeks Revenge – Tracy Bloom

This one I am recommending because I seem to have a romance theme going on with this post and this book was funny. It’s very similar to another book I am recommending which is Single Woman Seeks Revenge so I figured I’d combine the two.

Getting Over Mr Right is a comedy version of the extremes of crazy one woman reaches after a break up with her schemes to get her ex back and stalking him to try and change what happened. It’s ridiculous and funny and just the right side of absurd so this book doesn’t come off weird.

Single Woman Seeks Revenge is another woman who has been dumped and goes to some crazy lengths to get over this. Instead of turning into a crazy person stalking her ex she decides instead to get revenge on all of the men who wronged her to some hilarious results.

And there are my books, what books did you recommend this week? Have you read any of these and do you agree they deserve more love?
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