Monthly Wrap Up // June

01 July 2016

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Oh, June. You’ve been one of those months. Somehow all my good reading and blogging progress seemed to go out the window. You were the month of living alone, break in paranoia, reading slumps and blogging fails. You were good and you were bad. You were the month where a nation was divided and you were the month where I remembered I had a life outside of blogging (no matter how much I ignored it).

Can’t Stop Listening

Girls Like Girl – Hayley Kiyoko

Bored To Death – Blink 182 (because I will always love this band)

June Reads


June Posts

June Links

So Obsessed With: A Love Letter To Reading
Pages of Starlight: On Discussion Posts // Reading Order
Of Dragons and Hearts: Reading Novellas // Gone To The Movies: The Breakfast Club (because you’ll want to see someone else’s thoughts on the film)
Feed Your Fiction Addiction: Is Celibacy Shaming a Thing?
Reviews From a Bookworm: Series: Is The Final Destination What Really Matters?
And a link to 100 Days In Fonts because it’s just so pretty.

How has your month been? Anyone read a good book or a really interesting post online which you want to share? Tell me all because I’d love to chat.
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