Sunday Summary // 17.07.2016

17 July 2016

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another Sunday Summary. You know, I noticed I don’t write introductory posts for these things each week and I probably should. I just throw you in the deep end and start rambling about my week.

I haven’t been interesting at all since coming back from Leeds. I have a working phone again (yay). I Googled reviews before buying and you know what? It may be advertised as a budget phone but I love my little Motorola phone which has a way better battery life than my last phone did anyway. It was strange to realise how reliant I am on my phone for everything. I wish I could say it allowed me to make myself a bit less dependent on it but why bother lying. I mean, Pok√©mon Go came out and so any hope of separating me from my phone just died. I’m never going to be amazing at the game (I don’t venture far and wide) but it’s fun discovering your local area, isn’t it?

I also had work news this week. We finally had the office move confirmed! I mean, we’re not so happy with the office location, it’s local but it means a longer commute. Thankfully, the office move will not begin until the beginning of 2017 so no plans need be made yet, but it’s good to finally have some confirmation about it! Rumours can end and we can get some work done and we have a lot of it to do so we shouldn’t have time for gossip. I’d go into all the work stresses but you honestly don’t want to hear it. All I can say is thank God for the weekend.

What I’ve Been Reading

You’ll be thrilled to hear I finished Summer Days, Summer Nights! I decided I was fed up of seeing it on my bedside table and I wasn’t sure what to read next so I read through the final five short stories. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I strongly recommend it for fans of YA looking to explore new authors.

I began The Shadow Hour at the beginning of the week but grew bored. I haven’t been in the mood for it but I need to read it for review. Someone tell me good things to motivate me! I was in the mood to read The Bride by Julie Garwood, though. It was over the top and a ridiculous romance and I enjoyed every word of it. I’ve not read any old school romance before and considering this was originally published in 1989 it’s pretty old school.

My favourite book of the week is Daughter of The Forest. I began on Thursday and then preceded to stay up until 1am reading Friday night (Saturday morning?) because I needed to know what happened. I actually had doubts when I began reading but it was quickly turned around when the story really got going. The writing was fantastic and the story magical.

Then I began This Raging Light which is beautiful and heartbreaking and I didn't want to stop reading except I was falling asleep by 10pm so really had to.

New To Me

And this week I’ve gained just three books (I am very restrained when I want to be) and I am excited about all of them. Until Friday Night is part of the Kindle summer sale. The Girl in the Spider’s Web was my free book on Amazon Prime Day and This Raging Light is a book I won from Maximum Pop Books a few weeks ago. I am proud I’ve managed to restrain myself to such a degree.

How has your week been? Read any good books or done anything interesting? What was the last book you read which kept you up past bedtime?
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