Sunday Summary // 24.07.2016

24 July 2016

Sunday Summary
Hello all and welcome once more to my weekly ramblings. I hope you’ve all had a very nice week since last we met.

Let’s begin with what has been taking up most of my focus this week… the weather.
Sorry to be crass but it’s been so God damn hot I want to die. I think it has been the warmest week I’ve experienced in a long while. I mean, Tuesday was 30C+ and that is way too warm to function yet I had to go to work! Add in the fact people have had the nerve to turn the air-conditioning off at one point at work and you an tell how I feel. I threated to strip in the office because there are only so many layers I can take off in the workplace and I’d done that already!
Sorry, I’m a bit irritable about the warm weather as I haven’t slept so badly in a long while. I compensated by sleeping 10 hours on Friday night (I was in bed by 10pm like I was still at school).

I feel my poor sleep and warm weather segues nicely into why I’ve not been around much lately. I’ve been in a bit of a slump and it sucks. I’ve not been sure what I want to read so I’ve not been wanting to blog because I feel guilty about all the reviews I’m not writing. Then, I don’t want to read other people’s blogs because I find myself wanting to read all these books but when I get them they aren’t hitting the spot so I start avoiding blog reading too. It sucks. I do think things are looking up on the blog front, though. I feel bad I’m not around as much but I’m hoping the time away will help and I can feed my other hobbies whilst I’m away. I’ll still be around every Sunday if nothing else, anyway.

But enough of my guilt trip (which isn’t really a guilt trip but just an explanation in case you’ve been questioning my absence lately) and on to my good news. I was at work Monday and sweating to death (why they didn’t tell us we could come in casual clothes this week I do not know) when I get called into the kitchen by manager. I’m internally going through everything I could have potentially done wrong in the past couple of weeks and questioning if I may have been a bit too loud. She then says to me thank you for all my hard work and she knows we’ve had a whole lot of work just dumped on us and that there’s more pressure on us so she’s spoken to our finance manager at head office and had it agreed I can have a pay rise at the beginning of next week! I was internally screaming and dancing around the room and nicely said thank you and that I’m just doing my job. I full on danced around the house when I got home. Pay rise people! Don’t I feel the love right now?
And do you know what that means? More books, obviously! Shall we move on to what I’ve been reading and bought lately?

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve not done much reading this week. I binge read Sweet Little Lies Sunday night and adored it but I think it began my week of little sleep. I skimmed to the end of The Shadow Hour, I just couldn’t get myself in the right reading mood for it and I feel I can’t review it properly because of it, but we shall see.

I began my read along of Torn on Tuesday with Danya and Kaja and we are taking a regular chats about it (or we will once we all reach the end of chapter 10. I’ve resisted the urge to read ahead on it but it’s one of those books where you’re hooked when you’re reading but once put down you can easily leave it.

Then I sat in the sun reading The Survival Kit (or I did until I decided to make the playlist which goes along with the book, songs were bought and it was interesting to read along with the music in my ears. More books should come with a soundtrack. I really enjoyed it, though. It was a heart-warming and enjoyable read for fans of contemporary.

And I've only read a few chapters of False Hearts but it's looking good so far. A lot to remember but good worldvuilding and interesting characters. Also, the book is so pretty so all I want to is look at it.

New To Me

Nothing, I got nothing to explain this one. Maybe I should stop leaving the house? And give up the internet. Maybe I should become a hermit and live in a cave with just my books for a few months. I will attempt to justify, though. Torn was for my buddy read so barely even counts. As for the Zoe Archer books? They were a four book kindle collection for under £4, it was cheaper than buying individually so how could I not? False Hearts was an impulse Waterstones buy ( and a beautiful one at that). And then the next four?

As I said before, I may not be around as much but I think my little slump is reaching its end. How have your weeks been? Did you do anything exciting or have you been much like me suffering from the weather and watching way too much TV?
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