Sunday Summary // 10.07.2016

10 July 2016

Sunday Summary
Hi, all. I’ve not long returned from my trip to Leeds and I am very exhausted and a little stressed but it has been a fantastic weekend. I am exhausted. I’m in desperate need of a shower after a three and a half hour car journey home and I need to shop for a new phone, but you win some you lose some, right?

This week was basically just building up to my trip to Leeds. It was all I thought about to the lead up (apart from the times I was watching Gilmore Girls or when I was listening to the new Blink 182 album). I failed epically at blogging because I was continually thinking of thing I needed to pack and places I wanted to go and so I now have two weeks worth of blogs posts to read and comments to reply to and I wish I knew when I was going to have a chance. I planned to spare a few minutes during my weekend to do but then horror of horrors… my phone died!

Does anyone know the trauma of their phone dying when they’re not at home? It’s the scariest feeling as you realise you only know three phone numbers from memory, one of them is your phone which isn’t working, the next is your home phone number (which is often unplugged because of nuisance calls) and the other is work which is useless as you aren’t there until Monday. I felt so disconnected and alone for a little while, luckily I was with my friend and I could get the hotel Wi-Fi to use Facebook messenger on my iPod so I didn’t lose all communication, it made for an interesting Saturday night, though. I bag for a night out feels strangely empty less one mobile phone. I’ve got a new one all lined up, though. I will only have to spend one day at work contactless.

What I’ve Been Reading

I know, I feel like Summer Days, Summer Nights is a permanent fixture on my currently reading list each week. I am slowly reading it but I am finding myself continually distracted. I did enjoy reading Listen To Me, it was the perfect bit of light romance for when you’re planning a weekend away. As for The Unleashing, I said it sounded like an original read and it really is. I mean, people brought back from the dead by Norse gods and a slightly stalker-y Viking descendant who is borderline a stalker but really is just a bit awkward and introverted and doesn’t know how to ask out his crush? I loved it.

New To Me

What’s my excuse this week? My phone died. I needed to comfort myself somehow during this traumatic event.

I know, that makes me sound ridiculous and dramatic but that is my excuse and I am sticking to it. To be fair, Inherited and Frostblood arrived in a bookbox so don’t count and Sweet Little Lies and To Have And To Hold are copies received from Headline Eternal for review so judge me not!

How have your week’s been? Can anyone understand my phoneless pain right now? And which book should I start reading first?
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