22 June 2014

Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

So I posted twice this week! What? How awesome am I?

No? You think that’s pretty standard for a blog? Well screw you naysayer, I am pleased with myself.
I only read one book this week though. I finished Cress. I am annoyed because I want more but goodreads tells me Winter isn’t out until 2015! What is this?

To say I have loved the series thus far is an understatement. I will post a review of like all three books together soon. I have things to say about it. My love grew with each book, by the time I got to Cress I was like, yes, love this series. It is awesome. I shall gift it to everyone I know as birthday presents. Helpful because I currently have a birthday coming up on Tuesday I have not brought presents for them. I am off to Tesco to see if I kind find anything later. Also, there is always Amazon.
I have not been doing much watching of films and TV this week. I am currently re-watching Castle on Netflix. Why, you might ask. I am doing so because it is easy background noise and it’s good to watch when I don’t know what I fancy watching, which happens often. I also watch Seven Psychopaths last night. I had heard that it wasn’t that great a film. I’m sure I’d heard that back when it first came out. Well screw you haters too. I thought it was great. It’s a film that may be trying too hard, but I thought it was funny, It was good because it was a bit ridiculous. I like that. It was like it was self aware and trying too hard being all stories within stories and at first you’re like what is the screenplay and what is part of the film real story? I don’t know how to explain it without ruining things for you. I enjoyed it anyway, it was a very good Saturday night film.
Okay, so all of you that read yesterdays perseverance post are probably aware of the bag incident, right? Following that bag incident I managed to do the online shopping I had been trying to do in the first place, shopping is a big things I have been doing this week. Me and my brother popped to Sainsburys yesterday, had to grab some food for my nan so we wondering the aisles, and Sainsburys seems to have a book thing cracking off because at the end of every till there were a selection of books. I obviously was drawn to them and I was amazed to find Cora Carmack’s Finding It there for £1.99. I of course grabbed it immediately. That may seem strange, I did not finish the first book in the series book I was just like ‘what is this?’ and I adored the second book, but then I just skipped the third altogether. I figure I am going to the books another chance. I plan on buying the first and second book online (I mean, I have the second already on my kindle, and the first one I borrowed from my library) because I figure having a physical copy may make me read it? I don’t really know. We shall see.

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