I Think The Sun Killed My Brain Cells This Week

20 July 2014

Strange post title this week, but I feel it perfectly summarises my week. It has been sunny here in the UK this week, on the news it has even been referred to as a heat wave. Friday was the hottest day since last August or something like that and let me tell you that is not all that pleasant. I have been so warm, there has been sweat, there has been the wearing of shorts, I mean I bared my pasty white legs to the world the other day, you know it’s getting warm when the legs come out. It does mean I have been a bit stupid this week. I don’t know why, but seems to make us brits stupid, I swear it. We get a bit slap-happy and become a bit weirder than usual.

One horrible thing did happen to me this week, my glasses broke (again). I get up Wednesday morning all ready to get ready for work and the arm fell off my glasses (again). I don’t know if I told you about my glasses breaking last time, but this time I knew they had to go. I rushed around and got to Specsavers just as it opened, rambled to the poor sales girl about my trauma and then got passed to the girl I saw last time. She agreed with her supervisor the glasses could be replaced, they glued the arm as a temporary fix then showed their (limited) range of replacement glasses, I’m allowed Roxy ones since that is the brand I picked last time. I am now waiting for my new glasses (which aren’t as nice) to arrive, luckily I don’t have to pay for any of it, not even the thinning of my lenses. Yeah, I’m dead blind, my lenses get thinned because my eye sight is that bad. Seriously, if you’re a glasses wearer and have an idea of the strength of lenses I will tell you my lenses strength and will see you get all shocked thinking how does she see?

But anyway, essentially I had the drama of legging it to the opticians to get told I need new glasses but somehow managed to make it to work for 9am, I was impressed. Sadly, it means I have to wear contact lenses to work for the next week, I hate wearing them because my eyes start to get all scratchy by the end of the day.

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I’ve read seven books this week! That’s so many, I don’t know how I managed it. As you can see it has been an incredibly girly week of chick-lit for me. I’m re-reading some of my Meg Cabot books from when I was fifteen (yep, I read all of her books that I could find after deciding I was getting too old for The Princess Diaries). I also started reading Boomerang in like the middle of the week after seeing Judith from Paper Riot’s tweets (I feel that I have gone wrong with the use of the possessive but oh well, I get what I’m saying) whilst reading this, more specifically this tweet. I immediately went and bought this book as soon as I saw that tweet, I knew it was a book I wanted in my life. Thank God I decided that, it was such a good read, it was light and easy without being flippant and it still had depth, there were plenty of serious moments. These characters were good, I enjoyed the book and recommend it to you all. If you’re not a fan of new adult books then this book will show you they are not all the same. Then Lick was one of my contenders for what I will read next week for the readathon that I may or may not have mentioned to you guys. It is just what you expect from the summary, but it’s nice. I like how it’s quite predictable but there is still depth to it, you know?

I can’t tell you what I watched on TV this week, because I’ve barely watched TV. I did watch The Proposal for like the twentieth time, but Sandra Bullock dancing and singing Get Low is hilarious, as is that entire film. I love watching crap like that. I’ve not finished Hemlock Grove or Orange Is The New Black though. I winder why I’m paying for Netflix right now, I’m just not committed to TV at the moment, it’s all this reading taking up my time.

Well, I’ve got to get dressed and showered and go buy me a bus pass for the next four weeks, so I shall leave you all to make myself pretty enough to be able to leave the house. Get ready though, because next week is readathon time, yey! It’s only five days though, I think we’ll cope.
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