I’m Feeling a Bit Delicate, But At Least I’ve Got My New Glasses

27 July 2014

Sunday Summary
As this weeks title says, I am feeling a bit delicate this morning. It was my friends birthday yesterday, so in typical fashion we went out drinking. Whilst I was not drink I definitely consumed enough alcohol for my mouth to taste awful and for my head to be hurting, but not so much that the thought of moving makes me want to throw up and for me to be praying for death. All in all a good night really, which is better than I expected so I can’t complain. Sorry, I don’t think I normally mention me doing normal things like getting drunk and dancing to bad music in a crappy club do I? Well, the secrets out now. I am an actual person that does things like that, even though I feel a bit bored of it all now, but what can you do?

I also picked up my new glasses yesterday. It was very exciting for me, as you remember I broke my glasses last week, traumatising experience. I wasn’t sure about the glasses I picked at first. They are bigger, squarer, they remind me of Taylor Swift in that video for You Belong With Me, but not quite that huge. They’ve grown on me, and whilst they do slide down my nose on a regular basis, I still think they’re great. I just need to make sure they survive another year and then I can get some more glasses. I must always get new glasses when I have an eye test, it’s a thing. Also, whilst we’re on the topic of eye sight, I saw an article earlier about how someone is trying to develop vision correcting displays, so you could programme you TV or laptop screen or whatever to your eyesight and it would change the screen setting to project the images in the right way for your eyesight for you to be able to read or watch things without glasses! Awesome right? Although, if there were multiple glasses wearers in a household you couldn’t all watch TV together because the display would only be correct for one person. Thinking about it, that display would only be able to be used by one person as surely for non-glasses wearers the screen would be dead blurry from the correction? Cool idea though.

Anyway, outside of glasses and alcohol my week has been all about the Sex me up readathon, if you couldn’t tell. I didn’t exactly read all the books I proposed, but it was a fun week all the same, so I can’t complain.
This is my reading week. I started Every Boy’s Got One this morning as reading a fluffy book like this seems to be the perfect remedy for my delicate head (which is actually getting better whilst I write this post, I may feel completely normal by lunchtime at this rate). The rest of the books were for the readathon.

I think I need to branch out to other books next week, though, because I am starting to become weary with all the romance of these books. I’ve got a book or two from NetGalley which I need to read, so maybe I’ll do that next week. We’ll see. I’ve also got a tower of books next to my bed which need reading, so it’s not like I don’t have options. I’ve still not got around to reading Landline, so really, I need to start reading I think.

Anyway, that has been my week. I’m sorry it’s not more exciting, but I am quite dull really. I really need to start prepping for my holiday in September anyway. I still haven’t bought a suitcase, and I’m in no way prepared with enough clothes to take with. I need to get some comfortable shoes. And I really need to get some books, but not too many, but a few. And I need to plan things to do when I’m in New Orleans. So there is so much planning to be done, it’s crazy.
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