Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From

29 July 2014

This week The Broke and the Bookish is asking which authors we own the most books from. I’ve decided to only count the books which I have in fact read, because I own all of A Song of Ice and Fire, but I’ve not read them all, so I don’t feel I can count them. I also found this difficult because a lot of my library is now in ebook form so it’s not like I have just physical copies to count. I also questioned if series could be included as individual books or f it should be counted as one, because they really up the account counting individual. I’ve decided to count them individually because there are some series, like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, which can be dipped in to as and when you fancy.

J.K. Rowling – 7 Books

Okay, this one is pretty obvious. I, surprisingly, don’t own any of the books she’s done since Harry Potter. I don’t want to ruin the magic of Harry Potter and read her books outside of that world and then not enjoy them. I am getting severely tempted to read Cuckoo's Calling because that is the kind of books I would enjoy anyway, but we shall see.

Jane Austen – 6 Books

I adored Jane Austen when I was about sixteen, I bought every book I could fins after reading Pride & Prejudice. These are the books I love to read when I am feeling a bit down and want something classic. I can read these books and instantly feel like I did when I first read them. So excited and so intrigued by the world that is created within.

Meg Cabot – 10 Books

Her books actually transport me to being 13 again and it is wonderful. These are comfort books, some of them I no longer own (The Mediator series, I am missing a few, I may have to download on my kindle at some point) but I will love her books always, even if I don’t actually buy them any more.]

Cecilia Ahern – 5 Books

I adore Cecilia Ahern. I will always buy her books, they are always a bit quirky, different from your usual women’s fiction. She writes so beautifully and her characters are all so wonderful. She truly knows how to manipulate your emotions. I can guarantee I will cry at least once with each of her books, no matter how much I try not to.

Sarah Dessen – 6 Books

I don’t own all of her books, although I sometimes wish I did. I have read all of them though. Sarah Dessen always writes a good contemporary YA book. Some are better than others, but I can guarantee I will always read what she writes.

Sarra Manning – 6 Books

I will always buy Manning’s adult books, and I will always check out her YA releases. This woman was my favourite author when I was probably 15 and that love has stuck. I have a compulsive need to read her books.

Jennifer Echols – 6 Books

I love Jennifer Echols, she is probably the author who has graced my must own list most recently. I adore her books and her writing. She writes the perfect level of romance into her books and always creates the most amazing characters. I will always buy what she is writing.

Jennifer Crusie – 12 Books

Jennifer Crusie is the first adult author I became properly committed to reading. I think I read Bet Me first and the rest is history. I persuaded Paul to buy three of her books for me from Tesco I think, they were ordered online anyway. I must have been sixteen and these books opened a whole new world for me. I had never read writing like hers. Read about women like Crusie writes them. Bet Me is also the reason me and mom legged it to Krispy Kreme Donuts when it first opened in the Bullring. My mom was there the first day it opened and came home with a dozen donuts for us. And there also began my love for these tasty delicious donuts.

Rainbow Rowell – 4 Books

I’m cheating a but with this one, but surprisingly I don’t own multiple books by all that many authors. I’ve read plenty of them, but just don’t own all that many books for the same author. Anyway, I won all four of Rowell’s books, I just haven’t gotten around to reading Landline yet. I;d take it to work with me, but since it’s a hardback I don’t want to ruin the cover by chucking it in my bag. Somehow I don’t think an explanation is necessary on this one.

Sophie Kinsella – 4 Books

I love Sophie Kinsella. I’ve read more books by her, but I own four. I love her standalone books best I think, the Shopaholic series is great and everything, but a good standalone chick lit book cannot be beaten.

And there you have it. I’m not surprised at the authors I own the most books of. I thought Cassandra Clare might be on here, but I only actually own the first three books, I don’t own the entire series. I also don’t completely feel the list reflects me fully as a reader. It just shows how much a like romance in books. The things is, it takes a while for me to become fully committed to buying everything an author has written ever, those who get that title are normally the authors who I grew to love as a child.
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