Top Ten Blogging Confessions

07 July 2014

Well the theme from The Broke and the Bookish this week is a bit different. I’ve never really thought about something like this before, especially since I’ve not been a blogger all that long, I can’t really have developed that many bad habits can I?

1. I avoid books which get all hyped up on the blogosphere. I mean, I actively go out of my way to avoid them. I don’t read posts about them, I don’t go out and buy the book unless it was on my radar before all the hype started. You might think that can't be true because I’ve read plenty of hyped books, like Throne of Glass, Fangirl, Open Road Summer, etc. but it’s the hype I try and avoid. If I read too much about a book I develop expectations so when I read you are horribly disappointed, this happened with the Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo. I know everyone loves it, but I just don’t. I am going to get around the third book, because I hate nothing more than leaving a series unfinished, but  I don’t love it like everyone seems to.

2. I don’t post all that often, which is terrible because I love getting comments on my own posts. I attempt to reply to every comment I get, but I am terrible about posting on everyone else's blogs. I am trying to break this habit, if I like a post or have something to say I am trying to post it, but the number of blogs I read and posts out each day, I can’t comment on everything because mostly I have nothing to say.

3. I am a lazy blogger. I will often throw a post together in the space of an hour because I know I should post something, but I put off writing in favour of TV or reading and then have a mad panic in writing something.

4. I often Google words and phrases because despite using a word or phrase often I begin to doubt myself that it is an actual thing and not just a black country thing (I live in an area of the UK which is referred to as the black country, it’s a thing, Google it if you don’t believe me. We have the most shocking accent known to man and we say weird tings at times).

5. I often skip reading people’s reviews of books, even if I want to read it, because they may spoil things for me. Also, I get bored of hearing the greatness or terribleness of a book over and over again. Then, if I already read it then I don’t read reviews because I have my own opinion so why bother ruining it with everyone else's?

6. I don’t read through and do a general check of my blog posts because I hate to read what I write because I am terrible at creating coherent sentences. So, if you notice any spelling errors or general errors in phrasing etc. that would be why.

7. I judge people’s blogs by their design. I know, it’s as bad as judging a book by it’s cover, and I try not to. Sometimes though, it’s just easier to find blogs I think are pretty. It’s also stupid, because I read a lot of posts on my phone or tablet so don’t even get to see the design.

8. I don’t read that many reviews, but I also don’t write that many because I’m worried people don’t care what I think about books, and that what I do have to say is boring. So I tend to try and avoid writing reviews, and when I do write them I don’t want them to be too long. At the same time I don’t want them to be too short either because then it seems like I am reviewing with nothing real to say.

9. I don’t like text posts that have no pictures, but I hate adding too many pictures so I normally end up going from one extreme to the other, I either have too many pictures or none at all.

10. I have more books than time to read and I am eternally incapable of not buying things. I am jealous of bloggers who can enforce a spending ban and also bloggers who can plan what they read so they are forever on top of their TBR pile. My TBR pile is expanding on both my kindle and around my room.
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