Monthly Wrap up: June

01 July 2014

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I am trying out this posting a monthly wrap up for my reference and everyone else. Also, because I really want to post monthly mixes, round ups of all my favourite tunes of the month for you all to listen to whilst reading all these fabulous books I’m recommending. I want to do that because I am constantly listening to music, less music than I use to listen to, but still a lot.

We’ll Begin With My Tunes Of June

What I've read This Month

It may have been a shaky blog posting month but it has been an awesome reading month. I had been going through a long phase of contemporary reads and a lot of New Adult books as well this month, but then I started getting excited about Heir of Fire coming out so started reading all the fantasy type books I could find. I feel like I’ve been trying to tackle some of the books that have been lingering on my TBR list, I don’t know how successful I’ve been though.

What I’ve Found Around The Internet

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