#sexmeupreadathon and why you should sign up

10 July 2014

This is a quick post to tell you all about a little readathon I learnt about via Rachel at Confessions of a Book Geek. It is all about embracing sex in books, and sex in general. Sex is a thing that happens, we cannot deny it because otherwise we would not be here (sorry guys, but your parents have indeed done the deed in order to create you. I happened and I’m sorry you have to think about that).

I like the motivation behind this readathon, because I do think we all need to be a bit more chilled about sex. I’m not saying I do not blush insanely whilst having whispered girly conversations about sex with my friends, but I do talk about it. It’s not a thing to be embarrassed about, so why not embrace talking about sex and reading sex scenes in books? I don’t feel embarrassed about reading New Adult books and these romance fiction, not anymore. I am occasionally embarrassed that I am reading these books out in public, though. Not because I’m ashamed but I am embarrassed because there are just some books that are not destined to be read in public, and some of the hotter books out there are… well… they should be read when you are at home.

I hate people who judge books and judge others for reading books with sex in. There was a whole thing a while back where people were trashing books for having sex in. These were books that were innocent YA books which maturely looked at the topic of sex, it is a thing that a lot of people do, especially when you’re a teen, so why not write about it? Others were going out of their way to shame others for writing about it and reading about it and that is not on. I used to be a person that cringes a bit at the whole romance novel thing, you know the ones. The bodice rippers. The ones with the big hunk of man meat on the cover, shirtless. The ones with the throbbing member within them. I know you know the ones I’m talking about. I thought they were trashy and stupid. I read only serious books with witches and magic in them.

When I was about fifteen or sixteen I first got introduced to ‘chick-lit’ when I borrowed my mom’s libraries books. She read books by Wendy Holden, Jenny Colgan and Jennifer Crusie. These were my first introduction to sex within books. These were the bookish equivalents to rom-coms, but like the more grown up ones not the teen ones. I adored those books. I still grab them out of the library or off of my shelf from time to time because they are such nice books where sex is a thing that happens. I then grew up and Fifty Shades of Grey came out (and it was pretty shocking, I have read more erotic dominant and submissive fanfiction than what is written in those books. Anyway, when those books came out all anyone could talk about was sex, and New Adult fiction came to the fore. Everywhere I look on Amazon there are New Adult books and romance novels and I love it. I really do, it feeds my craving for romance.

I’ve digressed anyway guys. All I wanted to do was to point out a readathon that is happening. I will try and organise a few good posts in the lead up and through the five days. I’m going to have some bookish recommendation posts in the lead up. It will be a good couple of weeks about embracing sex I think. Or, I’m going to try. Sorry if this post is a bit incoherent and rushed, but I only just learnt about this and I want to get the few readers I have interested in something good. Click the image to learn more.
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