Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island

22 July 2014

I’ve struggled with this one from The Broke and the Bookish. I would want a bunch of people that could help keep me alive whilst also keeping me entertained, but will also accept I am not social by nature and often am surly, sarcastic and antisocial. I have not thought of ten people I would want want me with me on a deserted island, because ten people on a deserted island, sounds awful crowded, and with that kind of brain trust you’re bound to figure our a way to escape.

I had several important questions to ask myself for this week topic, though. What kind of island are we deserted on? What environment am I in? What skills do my companions need to possess to keep us alive because I sure as hell can’t rely on myself for any kind of survival skills. The conclusion I reached whilst thinking deeply about these things at work (it’s been a very busy day) is that fantasy characters are the folks I need to keep me alive. Fantasy and dystopian characters.
1. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)
The girl survived the hunger games, I’m pretty sure she could help me survive on a deserted island. Also, did you know she’s skilled with a bow and arrow too? Sure, she can be a bit annoying at times, but she is also sarcastic and closed off, she would get my sarcastic antisocial state of being. We could bond over it.

2. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Girl has magic and is the smartest girl ever. She could use her brain to think of intelligent solutions to our problems, and her magic would totally help us survive. Sure, magic can’t create food, but she could do plenty of other stuff.

3. Katsa (Graceling)
Okay, so her skills are more limited to herself and keeping herself alive, what with her whole grace to survive thing, but honestly, if the girl can keep herself alive she can certainly help with everyone else.

4. Prince Po (Graceling)
I’d just feel a bit bad bringing Katsa along to be stranded and not bring Po, also, his ability to find hidden stuff would be dead useful. Sure, it would mean there would be a couple lovefest between him and Katsa, but I could live with that.

5. Ananna of the Tanarau (The Assassin’s Curse)
I figure she grew up on a boat, she must have some idea about sailing and potentially building a raft to get us to safety, right? ALso she’d be a laugh, girl can drink, she tends to be quite blunt, she can fight, and she don’t take nothing from nobody. You need that when you’re going to be stuck on an island, you know?

So those are my survival buddies, I contemplated roping in Mal from the Grisha series, what with him being and amazing tracker, but I figure Katniss can do all the food gathering anyway, with the help of Po and Katsa of course. I really wanted to think of someone who was good at building stuff, so we could have someone build a shelter, or a boat, but I figure foods more important, and we would figure it out. I was tempted to have a bit of eye candy cracking off, because poor Po will be overrun with females, but I do not plan to be stranded long, not with my proposed brain trust. Also, eye candy can be very distracting when you are attempting to survive.
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