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13 July 2014

Sunday Summary
I have had a week. I can’t sat bust, because work wise we are currently trying to delay finishing what we are currently doing because we have managed to finish the majority of our account far earlier in the month than usual. I feel like this week has been long, though. Maybe it’s that it has been dragging, I don’t know. I haven’t even had my usual evening seeing friends this week, I don’t think that helped. I tried to go out and just hangout at the pub with one of my friends, but I felt like death, my head was hurting and my eyes would not stay open and I ended up in bed at 9:30pm. I think that is an accurate representation of me week, I’ve been tired but I can’t sleep because the nights are so warm right now.

I am also parentless for the next week. Yesterday, my mom and her partner, Paul, went away for the week down to Cornwall to stay in a converted chapel (I’ve been sent photos, the place has a walkway landing thing and stained glass windows, it is very pretty) and they have left me and my brother to make sure the house is still standing when they return. I am terrible at being independent, I cannot cook to save my life, I consume only frozen food when left to my own devices. That means next week I am either going to be insanely productive as there are less people at home to distract me from posting, or I am going to disappear slightly as I have to fend for myself and do housework, feed the animals, etc. so we shall see.

It has also left me crazy restless. My dog mopes when people go away on holiday and stops eating for a couple of days, but for some reason this restlessness has spread to me. I don’t know what I want to read, I can’t settle on a book. I can’t settle to watch TV. I can’t even settle to browse the internet I don’t know what to do with myself.

I also did some shopping this week. Online shopping of course. I bought some clothes from Dorothy Perkins, and they got delivered very quickly, I was impressed. They got delivered on Wednesday, which is bin day on my street. We have these black wheelie bins you put at the kerb which you put your bin bags in. They are normally left scattered across the pavement in close proximity to your home. I am always the first person home on a Wednesday (I feel it is planned because everyone hates getting the bin in, but family laugh at my conspiracy theory) and so normally I have to retrieve the bin from wherever it has been dumped. Not this week, this week it was in the corner of our driveway, I thought it strange but thought maybe Paul had been home before he went to play golf and didn’t have time to put it away properly. I then found one of those ‘we missed you you were out’ cards that you get for missed deliveries, I thought they might have delivered it next door like my Amazon order was. Oh no, the card said my delivery was in the bin! That’s right, those shiny new clothes I bought got dumped in the bin. I know this is not really an issue, it was in the delivery bag and the bin was empty, but that is not the point. My issue is those bins are tall, I am 5”4, I had to properly climb in the bin to get my delivery, whack my head in there and everything. It has been warm recently, those bins don’t smell pretty, especially not when some knobhead the week before was too lazy to walk five minutes down the road to the park but to put their dog shit in the designated dog bin, instead they used our wheelie bin because it was convenient to them. Sorry, rant over. I apologise. It annoyed me though.

2014-07-13 09.34.40
I did get a delivery of some pretty pictures though. I saw a post over at Vivatramp about winning an art print, and there was a discount code for a UK based Etsy shop, the print to win was pretty so I investigated the shop. Print Kitchen is run by a girl named Karys who is lovely. I have never spoken to her, but she is lovely because she gave me a free print and a little note with my order. It was delivered so quickly and I am now planning to leave the house to buy some picture frames for my art. Seriously guys, I have turned twenty three and I am now concerned with buying art for my home. So yeah, the pictures definitely cheered me up after the trauma of sticking my head in my bin to fish around. Now, on to my reading week.
As you can see, I have been on a romance binge again. Despite the fact I have books I’ve ordered, like Landline and The Glass Sentence, to read, I just haven’t been in the mood for them. Ever since I finished the Study series last week I’ve been feeling a bit book restless. I might start the Glass part of that series see if that helps at all. I have to say there were a couple of disappointing reads in there this week. Promise me was rubbish, so predictable, which is not an issue I have with books, because that’s what I like, but I didn’t even like the characters so it just had nothing to redeem itself with. And Wallbanger, whilst a funny book, a perfect light-hearted read after binging on some of these NA books with the dark angsty issues which make these ‘complicated’ characters, it did go on a bit long. Like, I think I wanted it to end about fifty pages sooner than it did. I liked it though.
I fully intended to commit to watching Orange is The New Black this weekend, but then Friday I got an email from Netflix informing season 2 of Hemlock Grove was out. I binge watched the first season when it came out last year, I loved it. I am a fan of supernatural shows like this, it’s a thing. I think it’s a partly because I loved Buffy, so all shows in a similar supernatural vein interest me. I’ve only watched a few episodes, I’m taking it at a slower pace. Partly due to my restlessness this weekend, I just can’t settle, so focusing for four episodes was an achievement for me.

Wow, this is a longer post than normal. I just had a lot of feelings okay guys. If you have any ideas for a good read to help my book restlessness please let me know, I need a decent read I think. One that will hook me, but not leave me with a book hangover. A good palate cleanser of a book maybe?
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