Well, July Came Around Fast

06 July 2014

Sunday Summary
I don’t know where the first half of the year has gone. I know they say time flies and all that, but this is ridiculous. I can’t believe it is now two years since I graduated uni and I am no nearer to having my life figured out. At this rate it will be December before I know it. Crazy times.

I almost forgot to do this summary post this week, I know, bad Becky. I blame it on The Walking Dead game. I downloaded season 1 on my tablet and I just haven’t been able to stop. I wasn’t even sure I was going to get it, but the first episode was so good that I couldn’t say no to buying the season, it helped I had some Google Play credit to spend. Seriously guys, you need a way to spend a weekend I would strongly recommend this game. I’m gonna get season 2 once I finish, and there’s a similar game for Fables which I want, but it’s not currently in the android appstore, it is in the Amazon one though, so we shall see.
I’ve been a semi productive reader this week, I think. I have binge read two series though. I finished off the rest of the Study series (or whatever it’s called) by Maria V Snyder in the first two days of the week, I then thought I should take a break from the series and started on The Guild Hunter by Nalini Singh because that’s been on my radar for a while and I figure they are easy reads. The series is pretty much what you expect, a girl kicking ass and a ridiculously good looking Angel who is cold and aloof but has such depths of emotion you cannot understand him. It’s cheesy and I love it, I love series like this. The only reason I didn’t stay curled up with this series all weekend is because they went and changed the protagonist in the next two books. Don't get me wrong, I love a series developing secondary characters, but I’m not a huge fan of a series switching perspective part way through. I’ll get back to them soon enough I’m sure.
I was totally going to be all like, yeah I’ve just watched all of Orange is the New Black this weekend and can now understand what everyone has been raving about, but then I didn’t end up watching any TV. So that went out of the window.

I finally have been to Nando’s though, and mine, unlike this one in Leicester, did not run out of chicken. You may be wondering why it’s a big deal that I’ve finally been to Nando’s and I’ll tell you. I love chicken, it is basically the only meat I eat, so to have never been to a restaurant that serves chicken is ridiculous. Also, it seems like Nando’s is totally a big thing, who knew right? It was alright, I don’t think it deserves all the hype, but food is food and it was nice to see some of my friends so I can’t complain.

I suppose I’ll get back to The Walking Dead, I had a plan for this weekend. I was going to do lots of online shopping to sort me out some clothes for my holiday in September and that just hasn’t happened, instead I lost my weekend to a game, but at least I’ve had fun. Also, I did buy a couple of books, I cannot wait for them to arrive Monday.
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